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bro @kian can you wait for people to respond to mark something contested.

this is true and verified.
Trilegal aka Tridev has 3 LALA s who control the MC… Mere poaching doesn’t make you Jhingalala😊
Did CAM HR just post a mean comment and forgot to change her name! Lol! May be she is getting bonanza bonus for posting such comments.
I have seen CS and RS on LI lol, they aren't some PE executive level wolf of Wall Street people, just Lala millionaires.
I wouldn't be surprised if executives visit this site when hiring lawyers
Abe chomu, these "Lala firm owners" have disproportionate wealth and disproportionate influence compared to any other country with law firm owners, especially Cyril and his family relations with Adani. Pajeets think they'll impress someone by citing the example of such billionaire whiz kid born and brought in NYC jab khud Lala firm mai SA nahi ban pa rahe.
It's ok you will become JP in CAM but will remain naukar forever.

So much projection about lawyers who moved abroad because of the lala culture.

They are actual professionals you are just a well paid waiter.
Lolll one HR on LI, Collete on internships. Both know how to demean others and that's it.
As if you give bonanza to the loyal ones. Apne girebaan mein jhaanko pehle. Phir doosrey par keechad uchhaalna.
Bhai, we delay by 6 months for all who leave. What to do for them ?
i am neither in cam nor the other firm but seeing the downfall of cam is oddly satisfying
These people just could not cut it. Could not deliver on the promises that they made when they were admitted into the partnership. Could not even make their own cost. Let's hope they fare better at the big T.
They know who they are but purposely keep putting them down because the sycophant losers keep bitching in their ears.
Why would a bunch of underperformers come together and leave all at once? Who is even threatened by them leaving?
You mean smaller Tri?I do hope Tri will stop vegetable shopping with partner hirings especially from CAM and start to see whether clients are coming in with these partners? I am not seeing any big clients switch firms with partner changes.
Was bound to happen! With the kind of pay disparity that's there between a TL retainer vs LaLa retainers, this move is a no brainer! LaLajis need to loosen their purses soon or they risk losing more of their 'homegrown' talent. :)
How long with TK be able to sustain paying high salaries to underperforming liabilities. None of these guys are rainmakers or have the ability to bring in work..TL does not have so much work that they need only execution level partners.
High time law firm people realise that today there only few rainmakers and most of them are in their 40s or early 50s. Most these senior partners are here to stay for another 10-15 years. The junior partners are solely dependent on them for work (which means meeting targets). Now, some senior partners are good and toss matters whereas some are not. The junior partners below the later ones never meet their targets. It’s a fact that many newly made CAM partners make less money than some of the high performing PAs. This is because in CAM, PAs don’t get paid basis targets whereas target is strictly implemented for junior level partners. This is the sole reason why even home grown CAM partners quit and prefer to join a firm which ensures good money, good work without having to take the blame for not meeting targets. High time firms like CAM do away with the system of linking payouts to targets for junior partners or ensure that senior partners ( the few rainmakers) toss their work. For this to happen, senior partners should be entitled to notional credit for all work tossed.
Partner , full subsidy , toss n feed… freeloading for years together and make it legit 😊😊
Wow, seeing this thread it is pretty clear that CAM HR/management is pissed
TL seems to be adopting Reliance strategy. Aggressive expansion without thinking about profitability until you've completely absorbed the entire space and there's no competitor left. Good lesson for lalas who refuse to treat their partners and associates with respect or pay them well.
bhai oil & gas mai conflict naam ki cheez nhi hoti, if i was a old client I know the conflicts will keep increasing and that will definitely piss me off.
One from AZB has also left for Tri. They are having a field day it seems
Itna bara bara karke toh post kiya Bar and Bench and Tri :3

Real estate partner.
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Is it CAM HR or Business Development department? What hurt you so bad bro?
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