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:P pls mention . In google search I only got to know 50-60 common names which we all know about
Kindly help in filtering out firms where one should not apply. Rajani, ELP, BTG, SPN Legal, Singularity Legal, Gaggar and Partners, PANDA Law, Dhir and Dhir, King Stubb & Kasiva, Touchstone, and Quillon.
1) Rajani - Capital Markets (Very highly regarded)

2) ELP - Tax (Very highly regarded)

3) BTG - PE/VC, Aviation (Very highly regarded)

4) Dhir & Dhir - IBC, Projects (Very highly regarded)

5) Touchstone Partners - M&A, Competition (Very highly regarded)

7) Quillon Partners - Structured Finance, M&A (Very highly regarded)

8) Singularity Legal - Arbitration & Disputes (Very highly regarded)

9) SPN Legal - No clue; seems shady

10) King Stubb & Kasiva - No clue; seems shady

11) PANDA Law - No clue; seems shady
1) IBC: Dhir & Dhir

2) B&F and Capital Markets: SNG & Partners

3) M&A, PE and VC: DMD Advocates

4) Tax: BMR Legal

5) Competition: Chandhiok & Mahajan

6) International Trade: Sarvada Legal

7) White Collar Crimes: Panag & Babu

8) Dispute Resolution: Karanjawala & Co

9) General Corporate: Dentons Link Legal

10) Project Finance/Real Estate: HSA Advocates
is DMD delhi Really a good place to be a part of M&a, should i try to take ppo there? as i also have opportunity for Vaish and Dhir. Which one should i opt for General Corporate and M& A among three ????
Add the following: Venture Capital - Burgeon Law, Ikigai Law. Tax - Lakshmikumaran. Competition: Axiom5. Disputes: Keystone.
Suggest something for General Corporate practice looking for a PPO opportunity with decent pay and good work at Delhi.