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As per announcement, a fresher in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore would draw INR 14 lakh plus variable bonus. Other cities INR 12 lakh. Similar revisions across designations.

Makes it attractive for tier I colleges
So equal to CAM. Can someone make CAM tier 2 already and Indus tier 1
Still low. An assistant prof at an NLU gets about 12-14 starting. Firms must pay double.
No. They don't. An Assistant Professor in a public university in this country gets paid about 85k gross as a fresher. The tax is also much higher compared to a law firm associate because of the presumptive income clause. The increment for an AP is about 3k every year, which is minuscule compared to the difference between A0 and A1 salaries. However, an AP has to work not more than 5 hours a day max, 5 days a week, at a public university, compared to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week (often Sundays too) for an associate. So these are very different jobs and shouldn't be compared. The work satisfaction for an AP is arguably higher, at least in the beginning, assuming that they have joined academics because they want to teach and research, whereas an associate is hardly going to be entrusted with anything interesting or innovative in the first 3-4 years.
Bro see ugc guidelines for assistant and associate professor something pay is around 7th CPC so their salary comes around 1.5 lakh per month in public university
I am an Assistant Professor myself and this is certainly not true. Entry level pay is around 9 lakh under 7th CPC.
Assistant professor needs to spend 5-6 more to come to that that time a batchmate would be principal associate earning way more
True...1/2 years of LLM... 3-6 years of PhD... 1-3 years of post doc. Minimum 5 & Maximum 10 years post graduation. In that time period, if in litigation you may apply as AoR or PA in corp.
Stop this bullshit ! NLU faculties salary governed through 7CPC & entry grade cannot make more than 9-10 lpa (in line with IAS grades).
It's not a pure law firm.

We don't recognise semi CA firms as a law firm.

Purity is important.
But ur fine with promoter family and related people hoarding equity at others. Great!
I have heard LKS has a relaxed work culture. No Saturday Calls, yelling and even very less late nights. This is a steal deal.
Outside Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai...other offices have non veg without restrictions
yep, very conservative tamil brahmin thing. They take these practices even outside of India, where you'll see tamil brahmins not even hiring telugu brahmins in their niche software firms or whatever. Levels of discrimination.
Do they hire freshers after graduation?? I mean during August- September?
I think this pay is not applicable to Corp team is applicable to only Tax team of LKS. Further this increase is not in effect from this year
Corp - they may announce anytime soon. But, yes the initial announcement is for Tax only
Can anyone confirm if this base revision to be uniform and not based on ratings? Because if this is the case, then A0 fresher might end up getting more pay than a SA.
I am joining for the mumbai location as an associate litigation in march, where hr told me my base pay will be revised to 12 to 14 lpa in july, whether it is true?
You're walking into a scam, No one here is really sure what exactly it is. We are all waiting for july to arrive. They were so vague in promising that and nothing official as of yet.
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