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A0 salary for 2023 grads? Heard they paid 13lpa to a PPO student from a T2 NLU recently? I doubt the veracity though
Lol, not a chance. Lit team pays around 40k/m to an A0 and afa Sanjay Asher's team goes for Cap Mark, interns get 10k, not sure about A0s
12lpa guaranteed. 3l bonus. 15lpa package for cap mark/ corp team
It's the best capital market place in Mumbai. Easily a tier 2 and pays around 12-13 to fessher
Figures are incorrect lol. Don't know why there are rumours of this amount circulating
It's on par with tier 1 pay scale. 15lpa fixed for 2024. Their capital market is tier 1
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