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Being a Nehru Fulbright scholar , she obviously has more experience than NKC. The fight between Nujs and nlu Jodhpur just turned interesting!
Poora din ladte raho.. Ghanta fark nah padta college se bahar niklo ek bar
Fulbright scholars have better admin experience? What kind of a weird logic is that?
Joke is on you. I was a day scholar. Got the best of both worlds. Still got a better education than NLUJ people.
We still end up doing better than you in every possible way. So clearly those single rooms aren't doing you any good.
Between teachers to learn from and dormitories, I will select the former, since my objective is getting education, unlike what yours seems to be.
Look the new VC’s statements. Now the faculty will be better than those local college professors which Nujs hired and then use their signatures to generate fake placement reports.
Noojies are so damn insecure. NLUD is better than NUJS in every possible sense and the new NLUJ VC had a part to play in that. Only a fool these days would opt for NUJS over NLUD.
Don’t kid yourself. Atleast have the guts to accept that if you were choosing law schools this year and got into both NLUD and NUJS (I know you didn’t back in the day), UD would be straight up a better option.
No, I wouldn't have. Because NLUD still remains a greedy institution that engages in scam exams and submit false data. That hasn't changed ever. To me, that's very important. To you, it clearly isn't.
Lol, don't pretend like you're very principled about AILET when the fact is that you were never offered admission at NLUD.
If that's the best that you can do by way of logic and you still cracked AILET, then you aren't giving a good impression to anymore about the exam.
Nehi nikalna. Some of us are proud to do well in tricky competitive exams. Not everyone of us is happy with Nujs
Of course it's tricky. It tricks students into parting with their money for no additional benefit.
I think that was a response to another comment. This new interface is making things more confusing. Some of the responses to the comments aren't even making sense. Kian, can we please return to the old numbered comment interface?
Sour grapes syndrome huh? It’s okay , no one in the above fight was even addressing to you. At least you should stop wasting time where your college doesn’t even get mentioned
Bro, the head of CAM Delhi's IP Practice is not even from a T2, she isn't from an NLU at all. Would you say the same thing to her? No right? No college can teach manners and respect, please break out of this, after a point it's just embarrassing.
addressing to you? If you wanna get personal for no reason at all at least learn basic english
This "nahi nikalna" attitude is very dangerous. You are always stuck with the memory and that proud feeling of sweeping the exam. Personal experience.
Tuna crack kiya bhi hein? PeRsOnAl Experience - maybe after all you didn’t get love for your 700+ rank in clat - don’t point others at least
One doesn’t get to tell another what’s dangerous or not when that very person is projecting his or her insecurity of studying in a mediocre college. That’s not even asked in the thread at the first place. So yeah the growth aspect is totally agreeable lol
Those who call other places mediocre without having the slightest idea actually reveal their own institution's and education's mediocrity. That's what NLUD trolls are, less than mediocre and recognised as thus by everyone.
Kid, if we’re mediocre, then the rest of you are as good as burnt sh*t. You can’t compete with us.
Only juveniles still think that your rank in an entrance exam for college defines your career to a substantial extent.
Oh someone is sour - it’s okay. Maybe after all an ailet topper does steal away all your attention
this is so childish, you hears the phrase sour grapes once and can't let it go, I hope this thread makes you feel superior and strokes your ego.
Haan bhai aur Tera grammatical errors OP ko aur egoistic boost dega. Lol seriously are you even a. Law graduate

Also guys stop trolling this poor student , I can’t like every comment πŸ˜‚πŸ€Œ
I got into NALSAR. Didn’t join because could’ve sensed nlud’s growth 2 years back and look how well it is doing. MYbe stop commenting just for the sake of it to save yourself from the embarrassment that ailet give you
Tu bahar nikal apne mediocrity seh and start acknowledging your failures. Also how you disappointed your self and relatives by not being in a prestigious college. Stop throwing water on achievers’s success.
Don't be salty just because you flunked AILET. Whether the trolls accept it or not, NLUD is probably the only real tier-1 among all your lousy CLAT NLUs.
Lol, I’ll take you seriously when you can prove that you actually had a a chance to join NLUD. CLAT colleges, except perhaps NLS and NALSAR, are way easier to crack. And NLUD is echelons above all of them.
If NLUD isn’t prestigious, then NUJS is as good as tier-4 college. We completely put you guys in the shade regardless.
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