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My opinion about your overlord is not dependent on the outcome of elections, but is based on his actions. Hence it will remain unchanged.
The hypocrisy of left liberals are that if something good is happening for our less privileged section of society they won't even support it. This women reservation idea was itself first tabled in1989 in rajeev gandhi govt but couldn't pass
Who is not supporting it? We are saying that this government is not serious about women empowerment and representation other than paying lip service to it.
How can seriousness of govt can be seen is by making law for that section of society to uplift them, by not only talking about taking some positive actions about it. Even triple talaq banning was made into law by this govt
Can RaGa take benefit of Women reservation bill, given the guy has no balls to take on ruling party solely?
Ah yes, Right Wing misogyny, such a delightful and refreshing occurrence.