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Any information on well paying senior advocates (for juniors with no prior litigation experience) practising at the Karnataka High Court?
Equally ask if they allow you to do your own work. Karnataka seniors were Notorious for not allowing that which is why I shifted to Delhi to practise.
I work on my own at the SC. Been here 20 years and though I dislike the city, it's pollution and it's aggressive culture, the quality of work at the Supreme Court is probably the best and high quality stuff anywhere in the Commonwealth.
Can you please reveal a bit of average income of lawyers at SC (barring the exceptional pay to top lawyers)?
For those who are in court every day and have an average of about at least 8-10 appearances a month, at least 1.5 to 2 lakh would be the income. It always varies based on type of case and nature of your role in it. As a non AoR, always tougher to justify why a second lawyer is needed on a case.