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Well, he's been around for 10 years at best. Would need atleast another decade of great matters to qualify for consideration of designation.
There are some counsels often arguing for gov bodies who are fantabulous- Zoheb Hussain, Apoorva Kurup and Arjun Natrajan are outstanding.
Even Tanmaya Mehta is very talented. An NLS Gold medalist too.
Tanmaya, Anirudh, Jai, Aakanksha are promising but they all judges children. Amit George is good in arb law but his father is an infra arb expert.......
I think TAM never applied for Sr. designation even though he checks all the boxes. The reason is that his chamber is involved in a lot of drafting work and he would potentially lose out on the revenue.
Criminal Side

1. Madhav Khurana

2. Shree Singh

3. Manu Sharma

4. Tanmaya Mehta

5. Aditya Wadhwa

Civil/Original Side

1. Jai Sahai Endlaw

2. Amit George

3. Anirudh Wadhwa


1. Swathi Sukumar

2. Sai Deepak

3. Anirudh Bakhru

Writ Side

1. Zoheb Hossain

2. Shivam Singh

3. Adit Pujari