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So like i wanted to know about Paralegal in Desai & Diwanji, whata the chances of getting it converted into permanent position. Please help quite scared as i applied for permanent position and i got Paralegal. Since, i have graduated its a very big risk, btw i got in corp office.

@kian please post it, would be very helpful for me thank you
Sir, which office are you talking about Mumbai or gurgaon office?
Stick with the firm until you hit the A0 tag, survive for a year (or more since the Mumbai corp teams are far better than other Tier 2s) and switch to a T1 after a good deal. Best of luck!
Sir what do they(team and partner) look for if they are hiring for A0 post while para. while the whole stint have you converted the para into A0 position. how should one proceed ?
Literally everything that you would have done as an A0 will be expected from you as a Paralegal. Nothing more, nothing less.
Mumbai has good deals, the Gurgaon office has lost its sheen now.
Can someone please give me an honest review of the workplace, quality of work and clients as well as option for work from home. while paralegal what is a chnace of not getting is converted
The 'legacy' firm is now a dinosaur, mostly heard of in the niche of Mumbai-based real estate litigation matters involving certain old money clientele. In corporate matters, they're not remotely as reputed/awarded. Even if you become an A0 there, shifting to any decent corporate law team will be a huge hassle — because of this lack of expertise & reputation in the area. As such, I'd advise against taking that risk — that is, unless you don't have any other options at all, whatsoever.
Very shoddy firm in terms of offering the Paralegal in end that will foresure cancel your offer or dont offer you A0 insist you to continue paralegalship
Please avoid paralegalship there they dont give offer this a scheme of various tier 1 to save cost and at last they cite no vacancy.
Worst firm to work with especially gurgaon office avoid at all cost
Paralegal is not converted into permanent position at all scheme to fool innocent freshers
You conversion into an A0 will depend on their resource requirements. Since they have offered you a PL position, it means they are looking for A0s but want to test you first. Consider this an assessment internship but with more involvement in the work. They may give you more than just research work and may ask you to draft opinions, draft issues for DD reports, etc.

If you have no other option than this, then this is an opportunity and not a risk at all. If you get offer for A0 from some other firm in your tenure as a PL at D&D, you can leave at a short notice and join the other firm.
Looks like a scheme of cost saving to me. They may be offering you less than half of what they will pay you as an A0. Chances are they will confirm you after 2 or 3 months, but they get to save some 1+ lakhs per candidate in the process, going straight into the EPs pockets so they can buy Diwali gifts for their family. Wallah!!!
Worst firm please avoid at all cost they have cancelled my internship without any reason . Now i have to look for new internship as a 4 th year student got a setback. Have reported to my college to blacklist them
Almost no chances of conversion. Better to sit at home and apply to other firms.