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Hi anyone who knows Burgeon Law seems like a great firm that even though doens't pay probably a lot but does offer great work life balance with hybrid office and 2 weeks work from anywhere policy . Anyone who has worked there or interned could shed light upon the work culture at the firm are the seniors supportive . I am 4th year student who definitely wouldn't mind working at a firm long term that provides for a sustainable career as someone who is based of Delhi a T1 salary doesn't seem worth it to me.
Greatest law frim to exist in this age. They actually care about their employees, in ways more than one. Also the 3- day- work policy is something which sets them apart from others. Also no strict NLU bias, all are welcome.
The Founder herself is from Symbiosis, Pune. She's done a great job in changing the law firm culture.. Kudos to her!
The founder is nice and a very pleasant personality. She has created a name for herself and the firm within the industry in a short span of time.