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Can anyone tell me about the Corporate team of Tatva Legal, Hyderabad? I've heard some negative reviews about their litigation team but is their corporate team any better? how's the work culture and the quality of work? Any other firms in Hyderabad that are involved in Corporate work? Any inputs will be genuinely helpful. Thank you!
Their website looks very good and it feels as if they have a lot of work. Do they actually have a lot of corporate clients in Hyderabad or do they do the backend work for the Bangalore office just like CAM, JSA, etc.?
Sorry CAM Hyd office doesnt do backend work for Bangalore. We execute transactions independently.
That's good to hear! How's the work culture? Working hours? And is the pay less than the Bombay, Delhi and Bangalore offices or is it uniform?
How are the work hours and pay in CAM Hyderabad's Corporate team?
It is not an ideal place. It does not give you PPOs or call-backs. You can get in there only through contacts. The work environment might not be great for everyone because the Partners may tend to get pompous and condescending. Not sure about litigation or corp work, but I think definitely corporate team would be better because litigation firms in Hyderabad a no-no.
It has good amount of work and decent salary. A few women in the team so expect a good work environment.
Work culture is mostly good. Corporate work is okay overall but you would also be expected to do real estate work. If you need to be in Hyderabad, can consider, otherwise not.
Working hours are mostly bad but you have good days. Pay is based on last place pay
Do you also work over the weekends? Also, how is the gen corp team?
Tatva by and large has real estate work. Plus, it is a very toxic work place. Better to look for opportunities in Bangalore or Mumbai.
Is it a separate firm from the rest of Tatva Legal? They have their own website which talks only about them and not the other offices.