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I need a time management course as I feel I do not use my time effectively. I focus too much on minor things and get distracted easily. Udemy's course costs Rs 449 and is 2 hours long. Dhruv Rathee's course is 5 hours long but costs more than 10 times (Rs 4,800). Which one is better? Any idea? Any other courses that are good?
I completed the course and I must say that my experience was mixed. While the course had its merits, it also had several drawbacks that affected my overall satisfaction.
One of the main aspects that disappointed me was the organization of the course resources. They were poorly organized and did not meet my expectations in terms of quality. The summary of the chapters was particularly subpar, providing little value and making it difficult to revise and missed the main concepts.

One aspect I appreciated about the course was Dhruv's genuine enthusiasm for teaching. His passion and dedication shone through, and he shared valuable techniques and real-life examples from his own experiences. These insights added a personal touch and made the content more relatable.

However, Dhruv's English-speaking skills were not particularly strong. There were instances where his explanations weren't as clear as they could have been. I found myself having to conduct additional research to gain a better understanding of the productivity techniques discussed in the course.

Additionally, the course did not include subtitles. Although I personally didn't mind the lack of subtitles due to Dhruv's understandable accent. This could be a potential disappointment for those who rely on subtitles for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Another point that affected my overall perception of the course was its price. Even with the 40% discount coupon, the course was still more expensive than other average time management courses available in the market.

The price point, coupled with the shortcomings mentioned earlier, made it harder for me to justify the value I received in return. I recommend potential learners to carefully evaluate their expectations and consider alternatives before enrolling in this course.
Why does Gen Z like Dhruv Rathee so much? I think his videos are very superficial.
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