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Having seen various threads with respect to the debate as to whether law students should or should not pursue and MBA, I just wanted to know as to how an MBA degree helps/ why does it not help a corporate lawyer/ (with in Gen Corp, M&A, PE, cross- border work etc.)?

Would appreciate any honest insights and views with respect to the above.

Thank you.
You will gain a solid advantage depending on the MBA specification you opt for. For instance , one of my very close friend opted for finance after law school(NLU-D) and sailed smoothly through the coursework at IIM Calcutta. During the placement season , he bagged a reputed Sequoia(which is now ofc Peak XV)position. His 2 years of Corporate Law work was complemented by his performance in CapMarks.

And what I have heard from him is that this advantage is more pronounced abroad. The M7 MBA especially Booth has proxies relating to connection forming PE and Gen Corp. Sadly he couldn’t make it into the M7 due to his low gmat score and several other factors in the application.
Sure , I for instance never intended to join a corporate law firm tbh. However just for 8-9 months of work ex , I joined JSA on a ppo. I decided to sit for the MBA entrances and cracked XLRI. Needless to say , the work culture varies a lot. But that shouldn’t stop you to pursue a degree. I am currently working at a Big4 and somewhat happy with the transition. At least I am doing relatively better to my JSA folks.
Which nlu were you from? Seems like you had some good acad performance.
OP Here.

Thank you for your responses. Had a follow- up/ similar question.

How does the knowledge acquired during an MBA, help me once I have transitioned back to life as a Gen Corp/ M&A Lawyer. Lets assume my MBA is in either Operations or Marketing (not Finance)

Basically, is the MBA useful to help me as a lawyer ultimately?
Oh it will help you tremendously in Gen Corp and substantially in M&A. You should know an interesting thing. Law firms like AZB do prefer graduates with MBA. You can check Zia Moody’s statement. But even as far my personal experience is concerned the scope will increase but there is a catch. I have noticed this and I will tell you something that if you want to transition back to your lawyer life , you will feel sidelined even with that increased knowledge and skills. It’s like you are drafting a paperwork with minor technical details where the real work is happening in-front of you But you can’t participate. That’s why , I , for instance will most prolly won’t go back to being an associate. Heck , the reason I left JSA was because I wanted to transition into a new field. Needless to say , the pay scale is way better.
Also to add , marketing won’t really help you at a law firm. I don’t want to demotivate you but operations still somewhat holds importance anywhere you wanna transition , but marketing is just not worth it unless you wanna stick to your current job which u don’t wanna.
You see here? Majority of nlu-d graduates helping you. Kindly tell this to the other nlus who keep on targeting us.
People don't target NLUD students. Only NLUD trolls who keep defending their university's lies and bad practices here anonymously.
You mad person, I do not care which institution the person is from, as long as there are relevant/ genuine answers given with respect to the question at hand.

Nahi bolne waala main dusre logo ko, ja.

Enough with the NLU/ non- NLU bs please.
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