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The NIRF rankings 2023 releases sometime around early July.

Mention your prediction for the top 5 law colleges, will NLUD continue its 2nd rank or will NALSAR take it back?

Will NUJS continue to be at the 4th place purely based on its corporate placements or will be finally see GNLU get the 4th rank?

And the best for the last- Will the over hyped PR campaign of NLUD actually amount to anything, usurping NLS?
Other than a bigger campus, there is no metric in which GNLU has ever been ahead of NUJS, including placement, faculty, research output, student performance or anything else. Quit trolling.
God, here comes another NIRF troll. Wait for the results to be announced, it happens every year. And it has been proven time and again that NIRF doesn't really verify any data given to it, so it has no credibility among those who are actually from the industry or academia.
My prediction:




i.e. a return to the conventional top 3 ranking.

After that, the next 3:




Because if you see the rankings, GNLU has been steadily rising up the ranks. This year, a #4 rank is quite possible. Also, there is the Gujarat lobby.

Then after that:

7. IIT KGP Law School

8. Symbiosis

9. Jamia

10. DU

Four non-NLUs to add more diversity and because there is always an anti-NLU lobby at work.

Then after that:



13. NLIU

I see NLIU slipping further, unfortunately.

Then after that:

14. NLUO

15. KIIT

16. Shiksha O Anusandhan University.

No logic as such. Just a guess. Various lobbies at play and the education minister is from Odisha.
My predictions-





I don't think NLUD is beating NLS as of yet but we will get there soon. NLS over relies on its reputation score, and the moment we we have a similar score in reputation we will over take them.

NALSAR is too far behind to get the 2nd rank. For all we know NALSAR might even fall lower than NUJS. Someone needs to save that place . #SaveNALSAR
In which dream of yours is Nalsar "too far behind" seem like a NLU D troll
Not the ego measuring contest again.

NIRF is a flawed ranking system and we need to stop attributing such importance to it.

All of the T1 Universities are pretty much the same when it comes down to it, no one knows these places outside of India.

We don't see th top 4/5 IITs engaging in such discourse now do we? Because they are secure and it's high time we became secure too.
Awww, another butt-hurt troll who thinks NALSAR is better than NLUD. NALSAR should worry about overtaking SLS-P first.
There is no thinking here. NLU D is not even in same league as NALSAR. Nalsar and NLS are in their own league. And then everyone else follows. Placements, legacy, campus and well placed alums pretty much the major four factors that any law student needs to consider and NOT the bogus NIRF ranking. The verdict on these four factors is clear. Tier 1 is NLS NALSAR and NUJS and may be NLU D can be put along with NUJS. NLUD is not in the same league as NALAR AND NLS.
Everyone knows savitribai phule law college be the shizzz as per NIRF. /s

NIRF has proven itself as bogus by consistently ranking unheard of law schools in top 10. It is totally unreliable and by now no one really cares about its ranking.
You lost me when you put NLU D first. But then again going by how bogus Nirf ranking is it might just put NLU D as no 1.
Why’re you so against NLUD? The question itself downplays the college. i got into both nls and nlud and chose nlud over it. I’m loving every minute in here and don’t regret my decision at all. it’s a personal thing for everyone, most say nls is better, and i respect that but the new infra and conferences of nlud are far superior, also with the sc being there. Respect all of them man, they’re of the same class, nlud nalsar or nls
LI commentators usual reasons - AILET is morally wrong, NLUD cheats in NIRF, their placements are not as good as old top 3

Real reason - Couldn’t crack AILET and is jealous of NLUD’s meteoric rise and attractiveness for faculty and aspirants amidst fierce competition from other NLUs
GNLU is not going to feature in top 5 anytime soon. Honestly, what does that institution has that's special? No faculty of repute, no great achievement in terms of moot or competition wins of international level, they do have decent placement, but not as good as NLS, NALSAR, NUJS etc., and not even any research output of significance. It's a good NLU to study at, that part is fine. But it has done nothing to justify this relentless and shameless plugging.






7. Symbiosis



10. HNLU

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