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Jio doesn't have a dominant position in that market. So this cannot be targeted under abuse of dominance. There is no other provision of the Act that this is violating per se.
just like free youtube streaming in not barred. this is not against the consumer, neither it's against the market.
It's not a predatory price unless the entity is dominant and there's an ability/intent to recoup.

It's never going to be a contravention of any law in India as long as it's Jio :P
What about Youtube owned by Google then? It is surely dominant in that market.
Hi, this is really good question. As far as I'm afraid, it would not come under the purview of AoD, because consumers are not harmed in any scenario. Although streaming companies which are engaging in aggressive business practices have the potential to harm consumers is to be decided.

Further as the market power of Jio Cinema expands through vertical integration, current competition laws may be insufficient to protect consumers from potential longterm harms, such as increased prices, lower quality and variety of content, or erosion of data privacy. Then it would constitute to AoD.
Bro/Sis, Har free cheez anti competitive nhi hotti atleast kuch toh padle section 4 or 19(6) of the act
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