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Hi guys, i have an offer from Vaish Associates Mumbai in their general corporate team. Can someone please shed insights about the team? I'm not from Mumbai and will have to relocate. Any info would be great. Thank you.
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Worked in Vaish for a few months. Total disaster. โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ partner โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ constantly threatening to fire them at the drop of a hat. You are not allowed to talk in this office (yes, it's true), your bathroom trips are monitored.

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1. Professionals in any firm are supposed to work while at while and not indulge in gossips.

2. Professionals are supposed to be tuff, off any criticism- take the constructive part and let go off unwanted comments.

3. Professionals focus on increasing their learning curve, not on other gossips.

Ones primary aim is learning, working and growing. Rest are secondary.

Please avoid coloring peoples mind.

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With this attitude, it will be difficult to survive in any law firm. Law firms are not meant to be a bed of roses. Be tuff and focus on work, and when no work on knowledge enhancement. Else do something else but law firm job.
It's less than a law firm and more of a practicing company secretary firm
they pulled off an offsite after 4-5 years only to show they are existing in the market
If a firm took its associates on an off-site during Covid, all the woke & delicate associates would scream bloody murder....

An off-site is not to show the world that the firm exists, but to show the associates that it exists for them and because of them.

Sour grapes, huh? Looks like you weren't invited....
they dont have good work in General corporate team, their tax is decent, what are your other options?
I have never had a worse interview like at vaish. The interviewer partner HP looked down upon me from the first minute. I was asked if i studied in a cbse school in a condescending manner, was hurled with racist comments like "you madrasi Just board trains and come to Mumbai". Would never recommend anyone to even apply there. I don't know about their quality of work, but the quality of humans there is just ugh.
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Itโ€™s a good place with decent amount of work. They do quality work and you learn directly from partners. Every place (more so Tier 1) will have some inefficiencies, but as far as you are learning and growing, you will have to ignore all this inefficiencies for eg. A told me this, B scolded me- if this is the attitude where you get punctured by every small comment - law firms are not meant for you. Tier 1 has more nonsense and politics- so if you want to learn, and can be thick skin- do consider this place.
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All those cribbing here, please consider joining the so called cream da cream Tyre 1- where theyโ€™ll call you up at 2 AM and humiliate you for full stops and comma; threaten to fire you if you donโ€™t work on weekend. Slave driven culture is what there exists.

At this stage your focus should be learning, be tuff and learn.
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What are your options currently? People โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ and they judge you out of your first assignment which is very sad. Some partners are bullish and give personal comments. The partner hired an assistant just to monitor the smoke..lunch timings. In corporate there's no one more than 2 years old and team has almost become empty so they keep hiring to fill the gap.
The firm is behind CS rank holders and discriminates others
Yea you can the pay is good and you get to learn a lot in your initial years. I know so many people who started their careers with this place at Vaish Mumbai and now are so successful in their profession.

They have literally made some big partners and principal associates in tier 1.
Pay is peanuts, have heard from a fresher 45K is what they take hom which is not expected from so-called law firm like vaish
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Having worked at Vaish Delhi in the corporate team, I can say that Vaish Mumbai is much better in all respects. Mr. Bomi Daruwala is an excellent lawyer, and you can learn a lot from him. The other lawyers are essentially Mr. Daruwala's supporting cast. It would be a good experience, if you are starting out.