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How big is the salary diff of a non-eq partner in T1 & T2?
Can anyone explain why this comment has more votes than the thread itself?
Equity partners at tier 2 law firms usually take home make more than their counterparts at tier 1 law firms, with equal billing.
I've seen PAs jump from T1 to T2 just to recieve partnership. Is it better to have equity in a T2/T3 or just be a salaried partner at a T1 for long?
Becoming an Associate Partner or a Partner Designate or a Counsel is by virtue of promotion. You get a stake in the equity if you're a rainmaker.
By any chance are you an incoming associate at SCAM?
How to bring in clients right from the stage of being an A0/A1? Is it even possible? Does bringing in clients for your law firm help in early promotions? What is the ground reality of promotions from PA to Counsel/Partner in T1s like KCo/Trilethal/AeZiBi/SCAM? Do you become a partner in 9-11 years regardless of whether you bring in clients or not? Is partnership even dependent on clients? Or is it just the 9-11 years of tenure?