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Guys I want a serious opinion on nujs’ 5 year Bsc llb programme with specialization in criminology and forensic sciences.

I am a pcmb student and I want to know whether to choose this course over bba llb in gnlu/nluj.

Will studying bsc instead of bba affect chances at corporate placements?
If you are interested in the specialization you mentioned, then go for BSc LLB (Hons.) from NFSU Gandhinagar Campus. Needless to mention, in forensic sciences no one beats NFSU. Also, take note, NFSU is a "national" university classified as an institution of national importance.
And they don't have a single good teacher there for law.
Keep dreaming. It is a no-brainer that even a good faculty member would prefer to work in an institution that has the "INI" status as it opens up new opportunities and generous funding (not dependent on the whims of state governments). NFSU comes directly under MHA.
Please name these good faculty members who are currently teaching at NFSU. Mostly the GNLU faculty double up as teachers there, in blatant violation of all applicable norms. INI tag depends on your proximity to the party in power, not the quality of the institution, and what matters is what you do after you get the tag.
So it looks like this is a new separate LLB course for UG and NUJS is expanding its intake. And they are saying that it will be in NUJS' second campus. Can any Noojies clarify what this is all about? Where does NUJS have a second campus and why is this course suddenly being introduced post-CLAT? How are the new students going to be accommodated?

As for OP, it seems similar to NLIU's BSc LLB course. Personally, I wouldn't opt for BSc over BA or BBA LLB. I think you should stick with the other 2 since now there will be some 180 graduates competing for jobs at NUJS, although I don't think their placements will suffer much.
Second campus is in Salt Lake only, near to a big mall. Some buildings have been taken on rent temporarily till the proposed vertical expansion of the existing buildings is carried out in another couple of years. The decision to start the course has been finalised in the last couple of months, but CLAT happens early now. So this year admission is taking place based on CLAT score. Should be regularised from CLAT 2024.
Even we at NUJS re pretty confused by whatever this is.

And why are they suddenly introducing when we have had bsc llb option since forever but only in theory.
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