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I know there are 2 candidates from NUJS: Rank 37 and another 300 something.

But I haven't heard from other NLUs this time. Usually there is always someone from NLUD, NLS, NALSAR and RMLNLU. Does anyone know any other names?
R u high ??? I asked what is the role in upsc or judiciary selection not in corporate. Also for corporate nepo & source matter more than college.
College matters a lot. NLUs will give u a decent paying package as a safety cushion if you don’t make it into UPSC. DU doesn’t. That must tell you something
Rank 380 - Omkar Gundage - ILS 2017

Rank 386 - Alka Yadav - ILS 2019
This is such a weak and purposely misconceived argument. To all the butt hurt trolls who claim the college has nothing to do with UPSC success, look at the amount of UPSC toppers that top IITs produce. One can argue that anyone can clear UPSC but anyone who’s given this exam will tell you that your academic pedigree does help. Top NLUs producing so many toppers across different fields from CAT to UPSC to law firms should tell you that they are doing something right. The DU comparison is shit since the model go DU and NLUs is entirely different and even in DU, some colleges like Stephens have historically dominated UPSC.
Law schools are meant to produce lawyers and judges just like med schools are meant to produce doctors. I do not get why law schools should be measured on yardstick of UPSC performances. For that you have DU and LU and other state universities. All top 3 law schools will pale in front of DU.
This examination is not anything where any institution can claim any credit. It is solely the credit of the student concerned, unlike say placements, where day zero is a combined product of institutional repute, individual student performance and alumni legacy.
He & his madness for upsc & nlu. Every year a lot of nlu candidates appear for upsc what a big deal. If you put you're soul into anything definitely will get success even if you're not from nlus. unnecessary hype. what if clc or other du candiates starts such thread ???? College doesn't matter a lot.
Everything is spoon-fed to nlu students, while CLC and GLC folks do it on their own, without any unnecessary cribbing, be it in UPSC or judiciary or litigation, or corporate. If CAs, engineers, and MBBS guys can clear UPSC without having the luxury of having 'not to study in college and instead prepare for UPSC at home' then why not NLUs folks?
Nonsense! Nowhere near 30. If I EXCLUDE Gen X NLSIU alumni and only look at the past 10 years, the ranking will be:




NUJS and GNLU joint


Plus the job prospects after passing out of DU is really low which leaves a person with only one option: govt job.
Same name+ roll + rank ??? Kya bhai samjha nahi pls explain kya galat hua hai??
Dude, DU has thousands of graduates every year while top NLUs barely have hundred each. There’s no comparison between both. So top NLUs definitely perform well in such a highly competitive examination. Atleast don’t be so bitter as to not give credit where it’s due.
Highest ever UPSC ranks have been NLS, Jaydev rank 5, also joint second highest Geetanjali rank 6 (with NALSAR Sakshi Sawhney). Pipe down this year no NLU managed a top 10 performance so no point adding up random 3-digit rank performances
From CLC - Ishita kishore (Rank 1), Smriti Mishra ( Rank 4), Garima Narula ( Rank 39), Akshita Nidhi (Rank 421), Virendra Kumar Das (Rank 854).
Yimkum (from Nagaland) rank 203 - interview 210

Zenden (from Sikkim) - interview 210

both highest interview marks this year, both north east
this time highest interview marks were scored by two ST candidates from North east
4 people are selected from nlud, what flip are you on about mate?
Same name + roll + rank in UPSC'22,

have u guyz heard this news ???????

UPSC ke daal me kuch to kala hai 🀨
Because they can afford not to study at DU and instead prepare for UPSC at home. NLU students do not have that luxury. Lots of pressure. Plus internships, moots etc.
There are at least 7 candidates from Bengal whom I know personally to have cracked this exam this year. Your sense of logic is so flawed that you should retake CLAT.
There are at least 30 NUJS alumni who belong to those services that you mentioned.
Look at the overall record of DU, in front of which your claims of superiority are impossible to swallow.
Cute how NALSAR is randomly slotted into these lists. They're not in the same league. They don't produce as many top 100 rankers as consistently. Yeah, they have a fairly decent UPSC record, as good as NUJS or GNLU, but in absolute numbers of top selections over the last decade, they're way behind NLUD and NLS.
Rank 1 Ishita Kishore

Rank 4 Smriti Mishra

Rank 39 Garima Narula

3 in top 50 from CLC DU.

Beat this!
Dude let them go na then law firm race would be easy for candidates like us.
Oh god, why this fascination with government jobs? Even from allegedly well educated top NLU products. We don't see this in other mature economies/nations.
Big flop by NLSIU (and almost equally big flop by NLUD) this year. So much for their constant flex about UPSC. Very glad to see NUJS perform well (they've been on the back foot for a few years on the UPSC front). GNLU seems to be really upping its game in this field, with consistent performances in the last few years.
And Subham Jain 152 ,2021Virupaksha 352 ,2022Manav 700 +,2022
NLUD students have done very well this year.

Pallavi Mishra 72

Shubham Jain 152

Virupaksh 392

Manav Dhanetiya 734
Well the interview panel does make it some what equal by their biased scores, they mostly give less score to SC/ST/OBC students (Even those who have performed spectacularly in Mains) So they only fill reserve seats.

Source :
Rank 518 - 2018 graduate from Tamil Nadu National Law University. Hoping that the hate for newer NLU's would atleast stop now.
Hello, out of place comment, but via MHCET I got into Ils, leaving it after the 1st sem for nliu bhopal bscllb. Was it a fair choice considering peers, academics and future placements?
Chaitanya Awasthi was a batch topper. Yeh fluke tha Nujs ka. Aab I don’t think it’s possible anymore
Note that both the NUJS kids are not from Bengal. That's why we need to scrap domicile quotas from NLUs.
Wow. Inspiring! But I can't help think he made the wrong decision. As an IAS officer he will have to serve uneducated and corrupt politicians and will be transferred to remote locations if he does not comply. Whereas as a Magic Circle lawyer he would be working in London with the best legal minds. However, IFS is perhaps a better service, as his bosses will be ambassadors and the foreign minister's position usually goes to an educated politician. So I hope that for his sake he joins the IFS.
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One swallow does not make a summer. Look at the overall record vis-a-vis NLSIU, NALSAR and NLUD. Also, only the IAS, IFS and IPS are considered prestigious, as evidenced by the fact that many who are allotted other services like revenue, railways, forests etc give the exam again and again.
exceptions do exist. An IAS officer had posted his 12th marks which he had barely passed but can we say that most people who barely pass class 12th will go on to become IAS? 1 or 2 cases here and there should be part of the exception rather than the rule.
No chance. NLUD has some 5-6 folks this year as well. NLS maybe on par but definitely not ahead.
2 from NLUD as of now.

RANK 73- Pallavi Mishra - BATCH OF 2020

RANK 392- Virupaksh - BATCH OF 2022

When it comes to UPSC CSE, NLU Delhi reigns supreme.
Pallavi Mishra - AIR 73 - NLUD 2020

NLUD maintains its reputation as the undeniable leader in upsc cse among all law schools
Can you elaborate? What is the story of Chaitanya Awasthi and what made you tear up?

How are nujs students detached from reality?
Nls and it's claims of glory days.

The post asked about the upsc results of 2022 but instead of addressing that you had to enter an ego battle.
Since it was the first post on the topic, we merged the other ones into this one...
Bhai this Chaitanya Awasthi dude. I almost got tears after reading his story. I had relentlessly trolled Nujs students for their detachment from reality in this forum. But I formally apologise and appreciate their hard work here. Well done
Unfortunately, general candidates need a very high rank to get the top 3 services.
Chaitanya Awasthi of NUJS got 37th rank in UPSC 2023: He was batch topper(2021) and rejected offers from magic circle firms
Hey moderator: Why only GNLU and NLSIU in the headline???
Archita Goyal: Rank 43, IFS, Jindal (international affairs school)
BREAKING: Jindal gets its first ever UPSC success (Rank 43: IFS)

A girl from one of Jindal University's Schools (Jindal School of International Affairs), Archita Goyal, has got rank 43 in UPSC and made it to IFS. It's a big slap to the haters who say that Jindal students are dumb, rich and spoilt.
Many law graduates/students have qualified this year. Max results from Delhi University. Rank 1 Ishita Kishore from SRCC and CLC and Rank 4 Smriti Mishra studying in final year LLB at Campus Law Centre.
No, no. You must be mistaken. NUJS grads only go for Corp jobs, nothing else, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.
NUJS Alumni Chaitanya Awasthi and Aditya Pratap Singh cracked UPSC with top ranks
Chaitanya Awasthi < Batch of 2021 > & Aditya Pratap Singh < Batch of 2022 > have cleared the UPSC CSE 2022 with AIR 37 & AIR 341, respectively.

Congratulations to them.

We take great pride in their achievement and wish them all the success in their future endeavours
Please add to the list, as we find more.

1. Rank 14 - Kritika Goyal - GNLU 2019
2. Rank 282 - Animesh Singh - NLS 2020