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NLUO Admin (the New Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar) are taking decisions which are not backed by logic. Optional living in hostels, enforcement of BCI rules at their own will, admission of three year degree of law on the basis of graduation marks, not caring about mooting culture, placements, every section of a batch has a separate teacher for the same subject, consequently different things are taught to the same batch.

VC is not willing to listen to student requests, she stooped to another level of insanity when she demanded accountability from students for the suicide of a fellow student.

This college is becoming a traditional university like DU after the arrival of our VC from DU. As a student, it feels painful to see such destruction of our dear college.
Protest against the VC. Get a new VC. Write to the Chancellor. Generate social media attention. You're a law student, do better in terms of the getting your voice heard.
It was high time that the unapologetic arbitrariness of the NLUO administration was brought to the forefront. The new administration under the aegis of the New VC - Ved Kumari and Registrar - Rangin Pallav Tripathi has gone on a rampage of taking extremely arbitrary decisions. One of such highly questionable action pertains to the decision of not awarding gold medals to the students who were flagged for using unfair means in an open book, non-proctored examination conducted during the COVID.

The university without informing in advance that any such action can have an effect on awarding of gold medals, in the background that the gold medal policy as uploaded on the university website does not have any such condition for not awarding gold medals or any discretion on the administration in this regard, had on its own volition decided to extend the allegations of UFM to not award gold medals to the students.

This further problematic because the university after delaying the result for over 5 months in order to assess the use of UFM, had declared (after a protest by the student body) that the only repercussion for the students finding their names in the UFM list will be deducting of marks for the answers which have been found to be a product of UFM. The Vice Chancellor in her email had categorically stated that there shall be no other effect on the students as she believes in the policy of rational punishment.

Despite making such high value principle based statements on record she right before the convocation of the outgoing batch of 2022 led the decision to also not award the students with gold medals whose name had appeared in the list.

The VC as well as the Registrar of the University, in the words of the VC herself, run on the principle "ek baar mai jo decision le leti hoon, fir mai usse tass se mass nahi hoti".

The actions of the university specifically in regards to thr gold medals are a blatant violation of thr students fundamental rights under Article 14 and 21. Moreover, the decision is in clear disregard of the principles of natural justice specifically those incorporated under Article 20. The only recourse to this is approaching the courts of law.
During protest on the draconian decision on the issue of malpractice in April 2022 when a girl committed suicide in NLUO Hostel, student body demanded resignation from VC but due to intervention of our then Registrar Sir and tears of Ved Kumari, student body decided to withdraw protest and she survived. It was a mistake on the part of student body. Now situation is getting pathetic because new Registar is of the same arbitrary and highly unreasonable mindset. Both have dictatorial tendencies Nluo
Your name was there in unfair means, and you are cribbing about gold!

Maybe that was the right decision

What is contentious is the decisions that she is taking.

Seems you missed a gold due to your cheating actions and are cribbing
Lol, you cheat in some online open book test and still expect a gold medal? And on a serious note, what really is the value of a gold medal from tier-2 NLUs like NLUO anyway? I’ve hardly heard of any great achievements by gold medallists from these places.
You’ll get your answers soon! It’s a matter of time. We aren’t NLS, NALSAR where Day 0 happens. We earn things from our sweat and blood and it’s takes time. Wait for some time, you’ll change your perception.

Life is marathon and not a sprint. We are dark horses in this marathon and not rabbits.
Bwahahahahah. Thanks for mentioning only NLS or nalsar where day zero happens. The nlus below now wonder why their names aren’t taken.
Awwww thanks for acknowledging day zero doesn’t happen at your nlus
Cheaters shouldn't get any medal other than any given for cheating. I support the admin fully in this.
Bruv they had no criteria for saying if anyone cheated or no. The list of students caught in malpractice was the most random shit ever. People who did not cheat and did cheat both ended up on the list. There wasn't any appeal mechanism. Faculties wouldn't tell you why or for which answers you ended up on the list. There were dozens of students who simply ended up on the list because they had quoted some provision verbatim and it reflected similarity.

So, while it is true that no cheater should be considered for a gold medal, the real story actually runs quite deep.

For example, students were ready to accept show cause notices and answer to a panel constitueted by the admin (this was the VC's own suggestion) for the alleged cheating, no such thing ever took place! At the end of it all they just randomly subtracted x,y,z marks from students and said we've subtracted marks for cheated portions. All of this while some faculties did informally admit that there was no criteria to determine cheating (whether copied from internet or any other student) and faculties had no clue what to do, while others just did a random fishing and roving enquiry to satisfy the admin's request of penalising students.
File an RTI then. As a law student, you should be able to stand up for yourself.
Now they are enforcimg some Hostel Admission Rules which is not drafted yet. Badiya chal Raha hai college Ved Kumari ke raaj mei.
NLUO new admin is really onto ruining the college. What not has been done. Questionable honesty of NLUO admin.