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1. Undercutting prices (CAM, Tier 2 firms)

2. Random parties at exotic places (L&L)

3. Hire a bunch of partners(Trilegal) or break away and put up a farce of a nonlegacy modern firm(Saraf) to suddenly to look attractive

4. Marry into the a clients family which is well connected with the ruling party (CAM)

5. Actually deliver good work (SAM, AZB)

6. Shrewd partners who promise they will deliver 1000 page work in 1 Sunday (All firms but mostly JSA)

7. Longstanding relations (All firms)

8. "Perks" (not heard of in India, but yes some firms named above)
This comment is super true. However, I would like to add KCO to the list. I am in the gen corp team and regularly work with multiple teams and partners at my firm. Khaitan has been undercutting everything like crazy this past year.
Indus toh bhul gaye - multiple retreats and golf course events.
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