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Hi I have already received 50% of scholarship in JGLS and will be sitting for the June exam to extract the 100 percent scholarship based on my lsat score. Which will be better? MNLU-M or JGLS?
There is no 100 % Scholarship in JGLS if you are not from the state of Haryana. I had a LSAT score of 99%, got a 75% scholarship and it was a really good time, the college experience is great. And as long as you stay away from the drug addicts and snobby elites, you will have a wonderful time. I had a GPA of 6.9 out of 8.0 and still got internships and an eventual PPO (without contacts since I couldn't even afford the full fees)
Yes, you can, reply with an anonymous email to this comment and we can connect.
Hey, could you please mail at

I finished my 3rd year at JGLS, would love to connect
You cannot stall it. However, that practice is only for the 1st year. Subsequently it is semester wise. In 2017 they asked for 4 lakhs up front in June and the rest in August when joining.
No one actually cares, they have so much money themselves. People were surprised when they came to know about it because I was aloof from studies and didn't take notes and spent hours in the reading room like my classmates. No one actually knows if you have a scholarship, however, a pretty smart friend did figure it out when she texted me asking why I don't put much effort in class when I score so well in LSAT. She told me that she figured out because my JGY ID number, hich is allotted serial number wise to the highest rankers, mine was 201710xx which was in single digits...
Why didn’t you put in effort when you were a scholarship student ?
There are so many things to do in College, why pigeonhole yourself with constant studying. The minimum GPA required to maintain the scholarship was 6.0 out of 8.0. You could easily get this, in real terms, it was getting 65 marks out of 80. Studying a day before all internals and presentations and a day before the final exam was enough to get a 6.8 GPA for me.

I only wanted to maintain my scholarship so that my family doesn't face financial burden. I didn't want to be like some of my classmates who used to fill 10 pages worth of notes for each 2.5 hours lecture (All JGLS lectures are 2.5 hours) or sit in the library or reading room after hours of classes doing readings and preparing for the next lecture. This was too tedious, I can work when I am getting paid and learn too, but I wouldn't want to give up on experiences, exploring or enjoying myself for the same. So I was always pulling an all-nighter for all assignments of all subjects and did whatever I wanted throughout the sem, went on sports fests, hung out with friends, joined societies and clubs, participated in events and sports leagues, etc. Notes were readily available always so that wasn't an issue.

I wasn't part of the drug or party culture AT ALL. I just tried to do whatever gave me the most enjoyment rather than constant studying. There are so many things to do at JGU, so many students to interact with, I felt I would be a fool to only immerse myself in studies or daily binge drinking/drug culture.

And this approach didn't hamper me, at the end of the day I am also at a corporate job and many of my peers are at one too. At least I didn't put 10 times the effort to end up at the same place.
Do you feel students who study as in who spend majority of time studying there will have friends?
Yes definitely. Many of my classmates had close friends, some even bonded over spending hours in the reading room or forming strategies to score more. Some of my closest friends were very studious, although they spent about 1.5 hours a day studying and not more.
Top students at JGLS are served T1s and prestigious foreign LLMs on a platter and the profile of professors is far better than any law school in the country. But that's only the top few; the rest 500 odd students have most likely squandered their time and money and are unemployable.

It is a question of what culture you are better suited to. Neither, in contrast to the top NLUs, guarantees your placement in a T1 just by virtue of being a student and you'll have to work equally hard in both to either secure a PPO or make it at Day Zero.
Nobody gets served anything at JGLS on a platter. Other than probably the mess food. Over 80% of the professors are greenhorns with very little teaching experience. There are so many students here that nobody gets to enjoy much of anything actually. It was a folly to have this 5 year programme with over 700 in a batch.