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Hi I am in deep need of some information. I have been allotted Nujs but I also had sat for lsat and I personally am more inclined towards Jindal.


1. The infra

2. The pathways programme- I know this is very shallow on my part but I am so so inclined to pursue this pathways programme with Cornell. It’s only with jindal.

3. Placements are not at all my concern.

4. It’s not NLS - it’s not that Nujs is the best national law school so that I can leave a good private uni (with an exchange from Cornell) for an university where the infra is not top-notch.

Look I don’t have much idea about what’s going on. If I am speaking bs, do criticise me but please give me valid info.
You should absolutely choose Jindal over NUJS:

- if, as you say, an exchange programme at a good university abroad is a priority for you (not just Cornell, but others too)

-if good faculty, good guest lectures and good conferences are a priority for you

- if infrastructure is a priority for you

- if law firm placement are NOT a priority for you (because you need a top 40/50 rank at JGLS, out of 400 or so, to manage good law firm placements)
Pros and cons of Jindal.

Pros: Faculty, foreign collaboration, good placements (subject to caveat below), nice campus, chance to make friends with children of India's rich and powerful

Added perk: good gender ratio, good chances of getting a glamorous girlfriend from a millionaire family: maybe marrying her one day and not having to work for the rest of your life

Cons: Good placements only for the top 25% (unless you are a nepo kid), some of the newer profs are not so good, many spoilt brats who are not interested in studies, drugs culture is excessive, the millionaire girls usually date millionaire boys only
And just like that, you built up a dream in an innocent young lad's head of a better life with a better girl and then ruined it all in 15 seconds.
It's not always true that rich Jindal girls only marry rich Jindal boys. I know of a very rich and beautiful Jindal girl who married a regular middle-class Jindal boy, who was studying on a scholarship. Her parents supported the match.
Middle class Jindal boy, rofl! Just has a Mercedes instead of a Limo.
Well for your case choose JGLS. It’s not that different from nujs. The law firms are anyway the same. And Nujs ain’t the same anymore. JGLS will be a more attractive option
JGLS is not that different fron NUJS?

NUJS ain't the same anymore?

Kindly mark this as trollish.
No NLU is. Not even JGLS is. Higher education within the country has changed for the worse over the years due to multiple reasons.
Congratulations on securing a seat in both places.

The infra not being top notch is a such an odd reason. You are giving to that place to study and not going there to have a five star experience.

Suggesting how it's not "NLS" is equivalent to dismissing NLUD/NALSAR/NUJS.

Nujs is good place to pursue law, but as you mentioned how you are more inclined towards JGLS, i belive you should pick the latter and avoid having any regrets.
Another Jindal PR post? Not so long ago there was a similar post with NLS/NALSAR vs Jindal.

You should certainly opt for Jindal if you have deep pockets and are totally inclined on getting into the pathway programme from your 1st year itself. The pathway programme alone is gonna cost you 1 crore+, not to forget the rigourous selection criteria for the same.

Worst case scenario- You don't make into the pathway programme, don't place into the top 25% of your batch followed by not getting a good job during the placements.

You can always go for further education after graduating for NUJS. Or you can take a gap year, try and get NLS, considering the NLS has decent infrastructure, that should solve most of your issues.
Are kids really getting allured by the vague and super expensive pathway programme and leaving Tier 1 NLUs for it?

It's the most bogus nonsense.
The admissions team will lie to you and your parents to get you to join no . Their salary depends on it. And honestly- it’s not faculty who are doing admissions. It’s administrators who are hired for this purpose - and they don’t often know how things are on the academic side. They also have little sense in terms of not promising the world to students who are obviously middling. And they admit and chase down basically anything. If you look at how dishonest and ruthless they are - little difference between these guys and BYJUs.
Jindal faculty is easy overhyped than trolls here will tell you about. There are a few good ones and marquee names, but most of them are freshers with very little teaching experience and just a foreign LLM degree. The good ones are forced to tow the admin line and mark even undeserving students well because of family pull. There's no guarantee that you'll get to study before the good ones because of the huge batch size. Infra is much better than NUJS, though the latter has the advantage of being located in the middle of a metropolitan city. The student culture at NUJS is much better. Students play a bigger role in shaping institutional policies and taking responsibility. The pathways programme is a plus for Jindal, though there is very little data of how many students actually have taken it up over the years and done well. Student exchange programmes are there at NUJS too, though not many people take those up for being expensive. Placement-wise NUJS will have the advantage and because of its alumni, that holds true for any legal career that you choose. You're likely to get much more personal attention from the good teachers at NUJS if you show yourself to be sincere. Overall, if you can afford Jindal, then you can go there and won't miss out on anything other than maybe the advantage of a better and hungrier peer group. Infra will be a plus. However, insofar as your education is concerned, you can get whatever you need at NUJS at a much less cost. So the choice is yours.
This would be suuuuuch a mistake- To go to Jgls. A law degree from India should not cost you half a crore. You will spend more than ten years making that money back and that’s if you’re lucky. And most Jgls students don’t get jobs to make that money back. Students from nlus actually do get the jobs to make that kind of money.

While in schools- private schools seem to do a better job than public- in universities that is actually turned around. Leaving nujs for Jgls is like leaving an iit for amma college or something. It just doesn’t make sense.

Infra is useless. It just is. No one gives a crap that the university has good infra when they’re reading a cv from a student. And honestly - you get used to the life at NLUs it’s not that bad infra wise.Jgls is remote as hell and nujs is in the city. Which for me would be a trump.and the YouTube vids on this stuff are lying to you. The rooms are small and overcrowded sometimes 8 people to a room.

“Good faculty” at places like Jgls is kind of a lie. There are some good faculty- most of them don’t teach regularly. And the number of students far outweighs the number of good faculty. What actually ends up happening is you’ll end up with incompetent folks teaching you 7/10 times. What’s worse - Jgls has an attrition problem- the good faculty invariably leave. If you see who has stuck around and made it high up in admin - it’s a disappointing picture.

Cornell pathways- is another cash cow and it’s stupid to throw money away when it’s perfectly possible to do a degree from nujs- then go for a JD or an llm from any Ivy League school . Most of them would have you if you study.

Networking with India’s rich and powerful- honestly the downside to this is that the children of India’s rich and powerful aren’t a great bunch. Jgls has a far worse drug culture, alcoholism culture, and definitely a far worse academic culture. Recruiters automatically look at folks having a Jgls degree with suspicion - and that’s for a good reason. The quality of education is worse here. Grade inflation is so bad your gpa doesn’t mean anything at all.

Exchange programmes are not serious ventures- they’re nice to do if you want time off to go live in another country- but that school only sees you as a bag of money. Doing an exchange programme is not an add to your CV in anyway.

And if they’re really selling you the university on the idea that you’d get a girlfriend - that should tell you something is wrong.

When you’re choosing a place to study - a decent set of criteria would be- a) are there small class sizes, b) how is peer learning, c) what are the achievements of its last five graduating cohorts, d) am I likely to get mentored by good faculty, e) is the academic environment rigorous and competitive- how important is academic integrity to fellow students , faculty and admin?

On alll of these fronts / nujs wins over Jgls. Every single time.

Don’t be a fool- don’t let them sell you a bill of goods.
Please mark this as featured. Yes, mod, I know you don't like to take sides. But will you really let falsity supplant truth by its sheer volume, and let kids make poor choices, all in the name of neutrality?
Trouble is, law school opinions are a bit like armpits: everyone has (at least) one... ;)
You missed a key differences: no one has a fetish for law school opinions! XD
I don't understand how people are suggesting OP to opt for Jindal instead of NUJS. Guys, please, NUJS is not just about placements, the alumni network, the good peer group and shit load of other advantages.

What will u do with good faculties if 90% of the class isn't interested in listening to them. At the same time Jindal only has 1 or 2 good profs for each subjects which means a majority of the students would be taught by shitty profs.

If u go to a foreign university, go for a foreign LLM and not through exchange programme.

NUJS is a mark of merit, if u approach anyone in the legal world, a student from NUJS would be respected while a student from Jindal is usually termed as rich brats
"NUJS is a mark of merit..."

Ha ha! There are more admits to Oxbridge/Ivy Leagues from JGLS than NUJS. Much better to have a JGLS-Cornell degree than an NUJS degree.
No. There is not. Not people who get scholarships anyway. Without scholarships, you can get into almost any foreign university these days fairly easily.
It's because JGLS has a higher batch size and not everyone at NUJS can afford a oxbridge degree without scholarship while everyone at JGLS can! Hope that answers your question.
Don’t think that we are trolling. JGLS is better. Don’t let any other NLU(especially Nujs) let you think otherwise. NLU-D has overtaken Nujs anyway.
Blindly opt for JGLS.

Nujs is indeed an excellent place but the best thing about is it's corporate placements, and considering you aren't inclined towards that in the least, studying at NUJS will be equivalent to holding yourself back, restricting yourself from achieving your true potential.

Go to JGLS, i hope you successfully get into the pathway programme, and achieve you dreams.

All the best.
If you got the moolah and don't need to worry about making it back. Do Jindal. Cushy and comfortable.
NUJS is a better choice by far - don't fall for corporate gimmicks. NUJS also used to have a tie-up with a few foreign universities in an exchange program - where you could probably get a similar experience as pathways.

Right now you say placements are not your concern - but 5 years is a long time. If they do end up becoming a concern - you might be at a better place at NUJS.
Other than placements, NUJS simply offers a better peer group than JGLS does and closer interaction with your faculty. In addition, students at NUJS actually have a say in things that concern them, unlike the autocratic JGLS administrative policies.
"NUJS also used to have a tie-up with a few foreign universities..."

"used to". There's the flaw in you argument. Always relying on past glory.

Bottomline: Jindal>>>>NUJS. You can thank the TMC government's neglect of NUJS for that.
This is up for a debate and deal with it. Just because your colleges produces inflated placement reports doesn’t make them glorious
Everybody has given their reason and I see a lot of PR. I will tell you why you shouldn't Jindal. The simple answer is because you don't need merit to get into Jindal. Secondly, when you're interacting with people from other colleges and you mention them you're from Jindal. All they will think of you is a rich spoiled brat. Go to NUJS, also, don't even think twice about your decision.
I agree. You should leave Jindal only for NLS, NALSAR or NLU Delhi. No other law school can beat JGLS in anything.
Not only better infra but also better faculty, better admin, better opportunities for studying abroad and placements that are just as good for the top 40.
No about studying abroad and placements. Better faculty is also dubious, since most of the good JGLS faculty rarely teach a fraction of the students and are always looking to deliver guest lectures and credit courses in NLUs. Freshers with foreign LLM handle bulk of the teaching load.