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I have got a rank of around 3200 and have applied for NRI sponsorship, can I get into any tier-1 NLU?
I’m actually interested in knowing this too, could someone please share NRI sponsored cutoff for Bhopal NLU and GNLU.
I’m going to be straight forward with you, your chances of getting tier-1 in unlikely
From my experience in studying in NLUs, though the experience is good I wouldn’t pay 40-50 lakhs for it, you might as well take a gap year, save your parents some money
Hello, out of place comment, but via MHCET I got into Ils, leaving it after the 1st sem for nliu bhopal bscllb. Was it a fair choice considering peers, academics and future placements?
Chup ho ja bhai plz... mod, why are you allowing this person to spam every thread? He has asked this multiple times and have got answers as well.
You can get nliu, gnlu, nluo and all the nlus below it if you are air 3200.
If your rank is this low, you might get admission, but I don't rate your chances of passing out in 5 years that high.
I got into both GNLU and NLIU WITH 3,100, you surely will make it
No chance of getting into tier 1 NLUs with an AIR of 3200 under the NRI quota. The AIR cut-off for NRI (4th and the last list) at NUJS in 2021 was 1390.