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The old ones like Bombay, Gymkhana do give corporate memberships. They either last till retirement from the company or for 7 to 10 years (depends on the company in question and their policies). I know mid-level to senior-level counsels at banks and big companies getting such memberships. I have not heard of law firm employees getting such memberships, but the big law firm owners are life members in their own right. Typically, an organisation needs to donate a few crores to a club to buy a set of memberships (e.g. 10 crore for 5 memberships). I guess law firm owners have not bothered to donate and buy memberships for their employees. They are satisfied with their own personal life memberships. ☹️
My friend at a Big 7 (associate) told me that he has not yet gone abroad. He has only travelled within India. He has only flown economy class, but he has stayed at 5 star hotels (though on one occasion he shared a room with another associate while the partner got a single room).
Just so you know... the practice of law is far beyond all of these perks. Work hard and earn them.
Which clubs are you guys talking about? Do you get corporate memberships of Bombay Gymkhana, Willingdon etc as an in-house lawyer? Or do you mean some of the newer clubs on the outskirts of the city?
She's not going to divorce her biggest client for this guy who is asking on LI. Paisa bolta hain. She'll find some other client whose last name begins with A!
Join politics or IAS. You can steal 100s of crore without getting caught and lead this life.
To think that the only reason an Indian could do something that is also done by the West is because they are influenced by the West and are simply copying them - there is an underlying assumption that an Indian cannot think for themselves. If they are doing something Western, they must be doing it only because the West does it. There can be no other reason.

I don't think I need to underscore as to why such reasoning is flawed. Personally, I do not regularly play golf. But I tried it, and I found it to be very enjoyable. I also know some people who are part of elite golf clubs and had taken training in golf and now go there regularly (to enjoy + to network, both). Why do you assume everyone is going to make a fool of themselves (and even if they can't play that well, so the hell what?).

Same logic is applied when people have to oppose women wearing skirts, people eating burgers, etc. It is not simply because we are copying. Maybe we like wearing skirts, maybe we like eating burgers? There are so many other aspects of the Western culture too that have not caught on and/or an individual does not personally practice. Would you look at that and say they have rejected the West? Or would you take the more pragmatic and realistic approach that people have agency to choose and often choose what is more convenient, what is more enjoyable and what they lean towards more simply because of personal preference?

PS: I'm not a part of any golf club; but you and I can form a club together and find more members. Nothing Western, all Indian. Maybe a Delhi Kancha Club. We will all come together and play with marbles. Or a Gilli Danda club.
Become a senior advocate or better yet, a politician. You’ll get all of these.
Why make a fool of yourself at an elite golf club when you don’t even know how to play? On a serious note, Indians are simply copy cats of anything considered attractive in the West.
After the divorce of the Cam Ahmedabad office head and if you get her fall for you.
Looking at life beyond law firms, this is the answer for an Indian GC at an MNC.

Business class to Europe/ US- very common. Your juniors get this too.

5 Stars in Europe- with some luck. 4 stars (which are great business hotels) are very common. Your juniors get this.

Study leave/ sponsorship - less common but happens often enough for this to not raise eyebrows any more. Sometimes, you can nominate your juniors.

Office Car and Driver - Indian companies do this, but it's an overrated benefit. Most people at this level prefer to buy their own car, and decide for themselves whether they want to drive or hire their own driver.

Club Memberships - every department head at an MNC typically gets this, including the GC. This is again an overrated benefit. You're treated like some nouveau riche upstart, unless you're an actual life member. Everyone with corporate membership sees the writing on the wall and applies for permanent membership. It's better to hire nepo kids and make them get you the signatures.
I will be objective enough and request you to have top posts in consulting companies and PE firms post your MBA (yes do MBA). Law firms are just blehhh
1. Business class travel to Europe/US

2. Five star hotel stay in Europe/US

3. Study leave and sponsorship for attending 1 week/2 week executive programmes in Europe/US

4. Office car and driver

5. Membership of elite golf clubs