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1. Business class travel to Europe/US

2. Five star hotel stay in Europe/US

3. Study leave and sponsorship for attending 1 week/2 week executive programmes in Europe/US

4. Office car and driver

5. Membership of elite golf clubs
I will be objective enough and request you to have top posts in consulting companies and PE firms post your MBA (yes do MBA). Law firms are just blehhh
Which clubs are you guys talking about? Do you get corporate memberships of Bombay Gymkhana, Willingdon etc as an in-house lawyer? Or do you mean some of the newer clubs on the outskirts of the city?
After the divorce of the Cam Ahmedabad office head and if you get her fall for you.
She's not going to divorce her biggest client for this guy who is asking on LI. Paisa bolta hain. She'll find some other client whose last name begins with A!
Why make a fool of yourself at an elite golf club when you don’t even know how to play? On a serious note, Indians are simply copy cats of anything considered attractive in the West.
Become a senior advocate or better yet, a politician. You’ll get all of these.
Join politics or IAS. You can steal 100s of crore without getting caught and lead this life.
Just so you know... the practice of law is far beyond all of these perks. Work hard and earn them.