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I am a humanities student. I am going to a tier 1 NLU this year but always wanted to do medicine. Couldn't study bio related subjects due to some problems I do not wish to share here. I do have the option now and my parents agree too. I am thinking of withdrawing admission and taking two drop years, repeating class 12 and prepping for NEET. Would that be a wise choice?
It's not a wise decision by any means but at the same time you mentioned how you feel passionate about medicine. Over the years i have seen people fall into despair for having not pursued their passion.

If your parents are comfortable with it, go ahead. Just know that you are delaying your college days by almost two years.
I am sorry but a good and passionate career is always better than the logic of β€œdelaying college days”.

My only objection is if you have gotten a tier-1 maybe don’t look for Neet anymore
Hello, out of place comment, but via MHCET I got into Ils, leaving it after the 1st sem for nliu bhopal bscllb. Was it a fair choice considering peers, academics and future placements?
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Kian/R do you seriously not think this is trollish? Genuinely want to ask
Why would it be trollish? Seems like a genuine question and a fair one to make, considering it is an important life decision. Whether it's possible for strangers to give useful advice, we can't say, as the decision has to be subjective and based on what OP wants to achieve and is more passionate about.

Some questions to ask your/OP-self: have you enjoyed the law you have learnt so far? Maybe try it out for a little bit, even just one or two intro subjects might be useful for later in life, and maybe you'll discover a new passion. You can still drop after a few months rather than immediately, right?
Definitely not. Go into an NLU, better jobs and better future.
I have a seat at a tier 1 NLU. I also wrote NEET this year. The results are not out yet but considering the previous years' cutoff trends will almost certainly get a seat at a government medical college. I am thinking of cancelling my admission at my law school. Would it be a good choice to leave it?
Which tier-1 nlu? If it’s not NLS or nalsar then leave
If not NLS and NALSAR leave?

Such a trollish comment. NALSAR is a thing of the past, NLUD surpassed it a long time ago and it's high time people accepted it.

I will even go as far to suggest that nujs is a better option than NALSAR as long as you don't care about how shitty/mediocre your campus is.
That campus is located in the middle of the city, which is a much better option compared to NLSIU, NALSAR, and most of the other NLUs.
Haan chalo yaha peh bhi lets start the tier-1 nlu fight.
You should do that. Instead of hogging up a tier 1 NLU seat, when you are more interested in medicine.

I have met people who left med for T1 NLUs and also met kids who left T1 NLUs for medicine, both parties tend to do pretty well.

Go for whatever you feel more passionate about, and from the way you phrased your comment, i take it it's medicine.
It's difficult to gauge things as wise or unwise.

Instead it should always be more about what you feel more passionate for, pursuing something you don't feel any passion for only because others regard it as a good career can make you into a husk of a person.

Take that drop year, prepare for neet and follow your dreams. Just make sure you never beat yourself over it or let others do that to you.

Good luck.
Medicine, it will take you till 40 yrs to. earn the money that t1 law firm partners earn at 30!

U need to be truly passionate abt medicine to even pass mbbs which isn't the case for law. If you are getting a t1 nlu take it