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A Lot of PG / Hostel for working guyz in Noida + Flats too but high chance is on sharing basis. Many KCOs or other firms kids prefer PGs single room coz no tension of food+maintenance+safety bla bla bla. After 2-3yr shift to new rented flat
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depend on teams, some get credited while some are waiting
joining july 25 noida office at 15.6lpa.any available accommodations nearby, price ??
thn y the hell u r asking, if u know that inductn schlded in july ????
Request the current A1s at KCO to disclose if they received a bonus in their first year
I don't understand how people are so shocked. 15.5 LPA is huuuggge (read it like Trump). Also, does anyone nowadays even account for other variables like happiness, team culture etc. or is everyone just prying on the best package that the market can provide?
Also there is no variable for A0s, atleast that's what was communicated to us during our Day Z. So Yes, KCo is paying lesser than trilegal.
In that case, you should not be spreading around false information when you know that joining month is an exception and is applicable only to you.
Joining is 10th July for Mumbai Office. No update on the salary yet.
ys bt am unable to join in july & got nod for the Aug.
Wait, is this inclusive of the variable!? Because of so, then it is much lower than AZB/Tri!
July'23 and pay will be around 15.6L north - Heard from HR, Noida office