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Ironic that you talk about Xi, Kim, the regime in Iran and Taliban but completely forget about the biggest war criminals of all time, bush and obama who bombed schools and hospitals ( Madeline Albright said on record - death of half million middle eastern children was worth it). Why don't you go and Google hague invasion act and finally these institutions are just tools of imperialism all they care about is white people.
Surely should flag Kim Jong Un - that guy's haircut alone is a crime against humanity.
Why not George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron, Andrzej Duda ? The first one illegally invaded a sovereign country, overthrow its goverment, killed the family members of the then deposed leader, including a 14 year old child, and no one says a thing. A newspaper article back then even said that the child had to be killed to make sure that none of the future generations of the family comes to power, is that worse than what Putin has done in Ukraine ? Barack Obama stopped supporting Hosni Mubarak (a long term American ally) in Egypt when things got too hot for the Americans to handle (the so-called Arab spring), was responsible for the removal of the Libyan leadership of Col. Muammar Gadhafi, the killing of his sons (except one), destruction of the infrastructure and economy of Libya, and contributing to a massive immigration crisis right on the door step of the EU, and no condemnation ? The Trump administration sold weapons worth billions of dollars to Saudi Arabia, which in turn turned Yemen into rubble using the same, no one wants to say a word. Joe Biden was rude and acted extremely hostile to Saudi Arabia, and now expects the same Saudis to support him against Russia ? Obama, Trump and Biden heavily sanctioned Syria and have brought the country and its economy to its knees, majority of Syrians are below the poverty line and do not have two meals a day to eat, and there is no condemnation of the same. Are all of these not war crimes ? As for the current leadership of Germany, France and Poland, these leaders continuously support for supply of weapons to Ukraine, thereby prolonging the conflict, instead of being realistic and at least trying to see Russia's side of the story and accept a few demands of the Russians. Aren't they also taking part in war crimes ?
Because the west loves pushing a one side narrative :)

When Bush invaded Iraq in the 90's on a (completely false) pretext of Saddam Hussein having nukes, ICC did not act because the UnItED StAtEs is the LEADER (read "joker") of the FrEe WoRLd (read "Oil rich countries)

Everything the west does and says is hypocrisy.