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The big firms are too big to do a deal and therefore, some mid tier/ small firm promoters are thinking they will have a party, but will any foreign firm want to party with them? The foreign firms will poach talent from top tier firms. The top talent in mid tier firms will be poached by top tier firms seeking to replenish / bolster - there will be nothing left for mid tier firms to shop to a foreign firm.
Correct. The only thing we should worry about is whether SILF will again stall liberalisation, perhaps lobbying through a certain powerful industrialist close to the PM.
And he is not wrong. Just like the entry of foreign players into the IPL boosts the overall tournament popularity, gives it an international flavor, brings more sponsors, and more money for domestic players, and gives a chance to lower-level Indian players to play along with global stars (improving their game standards) and also enhancing India's bench strength. You compare this to the Ranji Trophy where none of this is available (and it languishes as an average tournament).