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yaar itne me to london ya new york me mast flat aajata, ptani ranveer singh ko dekhne ke liye janta kya bawli ho rakhi hai
Haan bhai London/ NYC ka visa to chachaji denge na...
People who are paying 252 crores for Mumbai already have houses in NY and London.
Sab bank ka paisa hai. Humari tumhari savings hain. When these people default, banks dont do shit but humse EMI EK din late ho jayein to humari jaan aafat kar dete hain. Welcome to Modis's new India where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer meanwhile the middle guys get grinded as they have to support both the rich and the poor.

Bhai main to chala Kailasa.
Han bhai just discount the amount of pain and credit credibility those "rich" guys built up in the first place, and the fact that 99 percent of loans are paid back by the rich efficiently with interest.

But the moment the market causes their decisions to falter or fail to materialise, the media jumps upon them like wolves.

Congrats these with the stingy farmers where more than 60 percent 'interest free' loans are excused because of "mercy", but they prefer wasting their money on random festivals or events.

Banks don't do shit? Dude you have one time settlement policies in place, so you can get away with paying half of your amount, but the creditors run to tribunals and get your hard earned company destroyed in days. I have personally seen my uncle almost commit suicide when he failed to get customers in his business, his "partners" cheating on him, and his assets sold off.

Please speak on facts and the law, as legal "professionals" at least this is expected, don't speak to emotions.
Where did you get the 99% repayment stats from, exactly?
Oh look a rich person throwing fit because the got called out for being rich.

It's impossible to get ultra wealthy unless you have done something shady, either severely underpaying your employees or some kind of fraud. Most ultra wealthy people have been broken into ultra wealthy families, so there's always gonna be the factor of nepotism
Why would someone buy a flat in NY London if they work in Mumbai?
Majority of comments here in Hindi. Is this LI or Dainik Jagran?