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"Whilst the devil will lie in the detail, I think this is a progressive development. India’s legal market is ready for change and will grow. I welcome the opening up."


"We welcome the move. We are studying the BCI Rules."

Any a chance of a collaboration? Linklaters, Cyril Shroff & Associates? Baker McKenzie Shroff?
They have made so much money that their next 20 generations can live like multi-millionaires. Also, I think Adani and Adani would rather work with Cyrilbhai rather than Magic Circle firms. A certain comfort level.
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Days of the raaj will soon end! Silence before the great dive.
Take it as only an opinion, but what is being implied through the corporate speak is far from a welcoming. Cyril is absolute right about the devil in the details. A few tweaks to the rules here and there may be all that is necessary to preserve the position of the shroffs.

Otherwise, any of the conditions (hurdles) to entry in the rules can be potentially made insurmountable in practice. No doubt they will be studying the rules very... very... closely. The rest of us lawyers would do well study the rules too.

The game is still afoot, whether we like it or not.
Cyril Shroff has given a detailed interview to Financial Express. Excerpts and my comments below:

"I’m sure the BCI will have regulatory mechanisms. Singapore has over 150 foreign law firms and a very vigilant regulator that watches like a hawk. They examine time sheets, do surprise visits to the office."

Comments: he suggesting that the BCI makes surprise visits and examine time sheets? Why would he say this? Do surprise visits really happen in Singapore?

"Some smaller Indian law firms will see this as an opportunity to create exclusive alliances with foreign firms in India. "

Comments: So won't that threaten CAM?

"Whilst there will be some talent movements, these will eventually flow both ways. There is almost always a honeymoon period after which the migrant talent largely lands back to their original place. ... Also, history has shown that whenever markets open up to foreign competition the national champion in any sector lands up doing even better than before."

Comments: 🀑 🀑 🀑 Birla Motors and the Ambassador car, Videocon and BPL TV sets anyone?
an Urdu couplet may be apt here -

Muddai lakh bura chahe to kya hota hai, wahi hota hai jo manzoorey khuda hota hai...
How is this changing anything except correcting an anomaly.

If Indian lawyers were advising Indian clients on foreign laws, then such an anomaly will get corrected as diligent Indian clients would now prefer foreign lawyers for advising on foreign laws.
His words clearly reftimism.Lers see if that's really the case .Will his slaves vone back to him after seeing the respect at foreign law firm?Dont think so.will he be able to tell his lawyers to dance at next sangeet?No.
Welcomes?Ya,right!!!......." I welcome the opening up.". ..we so believe these words of Cyril Shroff
Why doesnt he hold a "welcome" sangeeta ceremony?I think the lawyers of even non CAM firm will sign up to dance,for free, at this "welcome" sangeeta.....
Do any of you seriously think that these lala's were not aware of BCI's intentions to allow entry?

I am sure that these rules must have been framed with the blessing of all the lala's.
As a CAM "insider" with my husband in a different Tier 1 law firm, it sure looks like no one had a clue this was coming. Senior Partners everywhere are absolutely shook and completely taken aback.
Karma,karma....karma calling partners......knock knock (polite).........knick knock (not pokute)....(NOW BREAKING DOORS)............shook?no clue?when they are screaming,shouting and reigning terror in their Assiciates, that time these partners are not shook, not yr associates will run away and You will learn a new approach to will be being treating your associate like a human, with humanity....hee hee
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Do you think foreign law firms will take away work from a lot of senior advocates?
To hell with SILF now,let it rot in hell...let it burn up the number of times equal to the numbers of lice spoilt because stupid whitty SIL wanted that laa firnbRaj to continue...but ibcioia that try will play the card of foreign law firms being East Insia company if they wanted lalas to rule.......Anywaya good riddance very soon.......No one will remember SILF(except maybe CAM owners)
When you drink too much, you need to do a double or triple spell check.
Shroffs are really having a hard time.They were so busy lobbying for samdhiji Adani that they forgot to continue lobbying against foreign lawyers practicing India.
How do you know they still won't lobby through Adani? There is a SILF meeting today.
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I request the moderator not to censor my post where I shared a link to a Sunday Guardian report, exposing how Indian law firms opposed foreign law firm entry.
No chance of collaboration because the Shroff family has always been in control and they won't let it go .The foreign firm will not collaborate till its confident of equal ground/control.