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If the girl knew that much English, why was she trying to speak in Hindi?
Shocked to see how some are supporting the hate-filled and bigoted rant of the kannada auto-driver. Hatred and bigotry in any form is hatred and bigotry. To not be consistent about is to be a hypocrite, no less.

If I had been in the place of that girl, I would have told the kannada uncle - "Why don't you learn enough english so that you become employable in the modern offices?
What in the whole wide world was considered trolling in this comment. My friend is spitting facts in every statement. Please remove the tag.
Wholeheartedly support the auto driver and his sentiments. Have given up in trying to make intolerant Northies understand. There's definitely a growing creed of North Indian migrants to Bengaluru who make an attempt at learning Kannada. Lots of love to you all!
We aren't racist. You've identified the problem but your diagnosis is weak. The South being connected to the sea has interacted historically with a vide variety of people and nations. India has never been invaded via the sea. But the Southern Kingdoms have been invaded by the North. There's a lot of psychological baggage here. In the North you all go on about "Invaders". Don't forget that for us in the South, the invader has always been a North Indian. Either via attachments to Armies of the Northern Kingdoms or other powers coming in from upstairs. Its why the South didn't join the revolt in 1857. The psychological enemy who destroyed our culture, has been the North Indian so we defend ourselves against invasion by another means. Linguistic supremacy.
Agree with this. I come from the East and my hindi wasn't good until recently and people in the north are genuinely nice.

Now, coming to the question of why people speak hindi in Bangalore is because most of the auto drivers or delivery guys don't understand English but can interact Hindi which is alright because English still remains an elite language. This is the reason why we start with Hindi even though I am from a non-hindi speaking state
Accept that South Indian are more racist than North Indians. I have seen auto drivers in North Indian cities (not Delhi - that's a separate den of greed) genuinely trying to help non Hindi speaking travellers.

On the contrary, i have been scammed on multiple occasions in Bengaluru, Chennai, Madurai.

Have found genuinely nice people in Ernakulam though.
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True. Every Northie believes Hindi is our national language, knowing very well that we don't actually have one.
Yes because north Indians come to the south and speak to locals in Hindi expecting them to understand what they're saying, and then look down on them if they don't. I've faced the same issue in North India but then it's not an issue, then it is my fault for "not learning the national language". Clowns, truly.
auto drivers in Bengaluru are shit really! They will never use the meter which they are supposed to. They will try to scam you if you don't speak Kannada.
Every damn thing in the world is about NLU or what?