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Big heads of state visiting

Home to Adani, Ambani etc

Wealthy and educated population

Political stability

Preference for a government that is economically Centre-right


Modi’s backing

So is Ahmedabad the second commercial capital after Mumbai? Will all law firms have major offices there soon?
I would also think Pune is going to pick up. Points in favour:

1. Good Education (Manchester of the East!)

2. IT boom, meaning tech companies will shift bases to Pune/establish offices in Pune, since Mumbai & Bengaluru have already become saturated and (trigger warning!) NCR will follow in a few years

3. Most liveable city of India (cue: easy of living index) (I am aware BLR was ranked 1 in that index but, as I said, it has saturated)

4. Proposal for a separate bench of the BHC at Pune [50% of pending cases of Western Maharashtra are from Pune, source: CM Devendra Fadanvis] ( I remember a cabinet resolution in this regard was about to be passed somewhere around 2015, afaik it did not fructify, but you may never know)

5. Tier 1 & 2 firms already have bases in pune (AZB, LKS, DSK, SRL) mostly for their tax practices as of now due to ITAT, but may change.

6. Comparatively better infrastructure than Mumbai and Bengaluru. Cannot compete with Delhi as far as transport is concerned but this may change.

7. Politically & socially stable.
Haters gonna hate, but Ahmedabad and Noida are booming because of Modi and Yogi respectively.
Haters gonna hate, but Delhi is booming because of Honourable Kejriwaaaaaaaallllll and his cabinet!!

(Andhbhakta spotted above)
Non-native young talent simply doesn’t want to move to Ahmedabad. It is a very conservative city in a dry state. Weather and infrastructure is not great either.

Good luck convincing investment bankers, management consultants, CFAs etc to shift to Ahmedabad, where they can’t even grab drink peacefully after slogging for 100 hour in a week. Everyone of them would rather move to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and 7 other places before even considering Gujarat.
(not OP)

I have not heard of it. Maybe that tells you how unimportant it is? Or why no one will want to shift to Ahmedabad - we have not even heard of this, which is seemingly something major.
No issues if not heard about it. Anyways, lawyers live 20 years outdated.
Please tell me how many people live in GIFT city or even 5km radius of GIFT city? I bet population of Chakala is higher.
How many people live in BKC proper? Do you know the difference between residential area and business district?
And how many people live in 5km radius of BKC?

If GIFT City is such a business district, why does it look like a ghost town? Who are these commercial people there making it the commercial capital?
Ahmedabad is not even remotely cosmopolitan. If you’re non-Gujarati, non-Hindu or non-Jain, or non-veg, good luck finding decent housing. Why exactly would people with options want to migrate there?
Ambani's HQ is in Bombay and other base in Jamnagar, which isn't all that close to Ahmedabad.
As someone who is a native of Ahmedabad, I can tell you it's a city best for retired people. People are sleepy and drab. No real nightlife other than chai sutta places. GIFT City is a ghost town. I wouldn't move back, even on 2x my current salary and no rent.
Seems like good place for bone-tired lawyers who mostly want peace and quiet on the only off day in a month.
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