Read comments in conversation as:
Good firm with a strong B&F and DCM team. While I was studying back in those days, the firm used to be top tier. Things havent changed over the years, go for it!
Great Tier 2 firm with complex B&F as well as Debt Capital Markets deals. Consider the Delhi office only. Good Luck!
1. No its literally failing a lot and there are talks of joining a bigger firm

2. Sure

3. No the pay is not even worth spending this point

4. Definitely not, you are between off at other tier 3 firms.
As someone who had interned in both the Mumbai as well as the Delhi office of the firm, this is what I have observed:

1] SNG, Delhi is top tier and is always involved in marquee deals of high complexity in both the capital markets as well as the banking space. So, if its the Delhi office then go for it without any doubt.

2] SNG, Mumbai is a core private client boutique given the fact that its a leading firm in the same apart from banking and capital markets. Wouldn't recommend it unless you are well versed in wills and offshore funding.

3] Stipends vary from case to case and completely depend on your worksheet.

4] It is easier to make a shift to tier 1s after the firm has become precariously heavy in terms of reputation, deal sizes and L500 recognitions.

Hang in there for a bit and jump ship after a year or two, good luck!
How is SNG Partners? I was thinking of interning there long term? Also, are the internships over there paid?