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"Pay my juniors peanuts and then practice till I am 99": Motto of Senior Advocates.
K Parasaran (1927) - 96

Fali Nariman (1929) - 94

KK Venugopal (1931) - 92

Indira Jaising (1940) - 83

P Chidambaram (1945) - 78

KTS Tulsi (1947) - 76

Rajeev Dhavan (1947) - 76

Kapil Sibal (1948) - 75
You have met some of the scariest lawyers because many in this list are dead
If the only way you can get work is for lawyers to forcibly retire, God bless you.
But it seems that being a legend at the Bar enhances lifespan

In no particular order -

Pakhivala - 82

Jethmalani - 96

Shanti Bhushan - 98

Soli - 91

Govind Swaminathan - 94

Daphtary - 90

Setalvad - 90

PP Rao - 84

Niren De - (not sure but think definitely in his 80s at least)

Fali, KKV & Parasaran are going strong in their 90s.

Sure there are lots more...

Some Exceptions -

Vahanvati - 65

VP Raman - 59
Like who? I dont think anyone is 91+ in the Supreme Court
Just as there is a retirement age for judges there should be one for Senior Advocates too. Or they should at least be asked to do only pro bono cases beyond the age of 70. It’s harmful for the profession if people in their 70s and 80s argue cases, as that deprives younger lawyers at work.
Well, part of that is an easy answer: Jaising was born in 1940 according to her Wikipedia, and KKV in 1931 according to his Wikipedia page (making him 91), but there might very well be older ones...
Who is the eldest lawyer in the Supreme Court today? Is it Venugopal or Indira Jaising?