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I am someone who resides in Bangalore so I am hesitant about moving away all the way to Kolkata. I was expecting a seat in NLSIU but with the whole domicile drama, my hopes of getting a NLS seat is pretty low. The next option is WBNUJS but I am hesitant about moving so far away. Most of the recent posts about WBNUJS on LegallyIndia arent positive so that's the cherry on top.

It does have an excellent track record when it comes to placements, but one cannot be certain that the situation will remain the same after 5 years.

Advice/Guidance is appreciated.
Never go by LI comments, especially negative ones. There are a bunch of frustrated trolls who hang around here pooping on everyone's parade taking the advantage of anonymity. As someone who graduated from NUJS in 2021, I will tell you the following:

1. Faculty: Several good ones have left in the recent past. That does not mean that there aren't good ones still left there. Several mediocre and below average people too. Some young people have joined on contract recently, some of them decent, others so-so. Faculty-wise, NLSIU will be ahead at this stage, maybe even NALSAR, but everywhere else, this is what you are likely to get. There are a few faculty who are doing good research and if you can show them that you are willing to learn and make efforts, you can get good guidance and mentorship. I personally did.

2. Admin: The VC is open to student initiatives. Perhaps one of the most approachable NLU VCs. The next rung of admin is rather bad. Students need to keep pushing to make things happen. Some weird inertia of status quo prevails in the acad and accounts section. Not the ideal stuff, but honestly, if you can plan for that, you can get around it. Once you are here, listen to seniors about how to make things happen by using jugaad. At the same time, admin will not interfere in most of your life. As much freedom available as you want, though it is up to you to use that to the best of your advantage in a responsible manner.

3. Infra: Hostel is just about average. Don't look for huge comfort. Mess food is as you get in most NLUs (I have availed of the mess facilities in 3 others). Some of the infra like acad block AC is wonky. Occasional wi-fi trouble exists because of BSNL, but you will get extensions for assignments etc. if that happens. Get a basic personal internet pack via sim as a back up. The library is actually rather good and the remote access facilities can be a life saver, especially during internships or moots. The place is getting a little crowded with a large number of Lallams (LLMs) these days, but the latter won't be there in the hostels at least. It is a small campus, but right in the middle of the city. There's a small gym. You can avail of the SAI facilities though if you are serious about sports, that's very near. Loads of excellent food joints all around. Kolkata food scene is really very good and affordable.

4. Peer group: This will be mixed. Get a few like-minded people and form a small group to support each other for assignments, notes, prep, life hacks in general. There exists a divide on political lines, though libs are in the majority. Don't pay too much attention to it. There will be a number of excellent students in every batch and the overall average is okay enough. You need to keep reminding yourself that the system won't push you to do better though, rather leave you alone to make that decision whether to go that extra mile, the motivation has to come from your own self. There has been a decrease in batch cohesiveness lately, but from what I have heard, this is a common problem across most NLUs now. You can have plenty of fun here, no worries on that count. Students are asked to take up loads of responsibilities here (at times because the admin is clueless), which may seem frustrating at times, but also helps us to be more ready for life outside and get an additional degree in jugaad besides our LLB.

5. Recruitment: This is still superb and unlikely to go down anytime soon. The alum support a lot when they come for Day Z. Internships can be obtained regularly via the RPC if you maintain above average grades and okayish CVs. Try to get into the batch RPC/CRC and the alumni cell. There are alum teaching here, if you are someone who works hard and smart, you can ask them for contacts and references. I did and got that too myself. Vac schemes will happen at least 4 in every batch, most of which get converted into TCs. Attendance can be negotiated on internship grounds, especially if the batch sticks together.

6. Credit courses: Loads of outsiders from law firms and lawyers, as well as faculty from other universities, including alum, offer courses these days, both online and offline. At least 5-6 such courses will happen every sem. You can take your pick based on your preferences and swap those for regular courses even from 4th year onward.

7. Moot, ADR etc.: If you have got the aptitude, then you will do well. There are student-run societies, though not without the usual politics. Again, form a small group of like-minded peers. There are some alum who are open to providing guidance if you ask them nicely. There are a few who may even put you up when you go abroad to attend international rounds. Some fellowships like Meta are also available. We have had several Rhodes scholars and other scholarship winner alumni, whom you can approach for advice if you wish to pursue higher studies abroad.

Overall, this may no longer be as good a place as the 'good old days' of Menon, Chimni and MP Singh (whom I have heard about from alum), but not a bad place at all to spend 5 years in. You can learn and have fun at the same time. If you do join, I can tell you about which faculty/admin to go to for support, advice etc. Students too, though I would only be knowing your 4th/5th years.

p.s. If you do get NLS though, go for it! That's just basic horse sense at this stage.
Thank you very much for providing such a detailed account, i appreciate it.

(I can only imagine the amount of patience one would require to help a random person on the internet to this degree).

I will certainly reach out if i end up joining. ๐ŸŒป
Even 5 years ago the most hated t-1 nlu on legally india was NUJS, just check anything on nujs on this website which 5-7 years old. Everyone was like nujs going down, will become t2 etc. But nujs is still the same. Some faculty have left that's it. Some things have improved also. Don't know what will happen 5 years after but it's safe to not trust this website
Any objective person would concur that the median stat for NUJS placement is the best amongst all the NLUs. Placements always work on snowball + quality + x principle, which means alumni reach, the performance of the students along with macro economic factors and some other residual factors (luck, connections etc.) will determine your placement chances. NUJS seems to have an excellent alumni base (because of certain historical reasons like larger batch size in early years in comparison to other NLUs, excellent leadership which strained in the best students etc.) and if you look at the hard data (irrespective of all the NLUD drama on LI), NUJS is a firm no. 3 choice for clat aspirants, so the quality of students have always been quite good. NUJS alumni is not going to vanish overnight, your quality would also not decline (hopefully), the batch quality will remain constant, therefore, overall the placement of NUJS is always going to be good (at least based on the assumptions made and the previous data).
I agree with the fact that NUJS alumni and the corporate placements are good but it is quite disingenuous on your part to claim that NUJS is the #3 option for "all" law aspirants despite NLUD clearly having been much higher in preference for at least the past 5-6 years now.
Get NLUD to join CLAT and then talk about higher preference. As on date, it is outside and still continuing the unethical practice of a separate exam for no reason whatsoever other than fleecing students.
Youโ€™re fooling yourself if you think that NLUD not joining CLAT makes it somehow lower in preference than NUJS. NLUD would probably be even ahead of NALSAR if it did join CLAT.
NLUD not joining CLAT makes it non-relevant to be discussed when it comes to preference. Take all your ifs to Dwarka, it may help them to fudge next year's NIRF data. It is the most unethical of all the NLUs anyway.
Let the results be declared at least, you may not get any of these....
The results have already been declared...the first provisional list came out on 18th January 2023. With a rank of 200, the possibility of "not getting any of these" is pretty low.
My objective advice is not to go there. NUJS was very good in the early years, but not now. Yes, it has good placements (because of the reputation of early batches) but placements are not everything. You should also look at:

- infra (hostel rooms very bad)

- friendliness of students (lots of politics and backstabbing among students, as you can see from LI comments)

- good faculty (dwindling)

- govt support through funding (non-existent)

So, I would say prefer JGLS over it.
Yes, because JGLS gets loads of government funds and Sonepat's weather induces so much bhaichara in the hearts and wallets of the rich โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ.
We know the state of the 'good faculty' of Jindal. 12 years down the line, they are yet to produce a batch of Jindal students who are better lawyers on an average than NLU students. It's all sham and smokescreen.
You're absolutely right. Because it is not a college, but a university.
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