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don't know about ppo but i can give chad advice because i am a chad

step one wear a tank top and yoga pants

step two strut whilst exposing your ▮▮▮ to the ladies

step three suck on a lollipop and grunt in exasperation when the ladies run away in disgust

i hope i have answered your query satisfactorily
Guys, i am in a dilemma.

I have gotten one offer already which is supposed to be accepted or rejected by nth date.

I am expecting 2 more offers after 2 days of nth date as final interview are scheduled in such way.

I want to secure my first offer too but wish to know other offers as well and might be inclined to accept other offers in prior to 1st offer if later proves to be better.

But i am not done this before. So i don't know how to do such things, If an offer accepted over mail can later be declined? Before signing the documents? Is there any way to avoid such thing without having any complications on me or my opportunities?

Pls help me I'm very scared with zero assistance.

I am referred by a friend who said legally India audience would guide me better