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Batado yaar har jagah reject karre hai and its already mid march, I have to intern in May and June
Did some research, figured out the names of the counsels who handled SAM's matters, approached them in the SC while interning under a lawyer there, struck up conversations, eventually broached the topic of law firm internships, gave the impression that while I was not too keen on a law firm life, I still wanted to see how it goes and thus wanted to get it out of my way asap. This led to two of them promising to give the SAM people a call. One actually did. I had also started studying company law and contract law early, so that helped when the SAM partner asked me a few questions on the first day. That's basically it. If one accepts that in the absence of family contacts, one has to make one's own, and is hungry enough, it can still work out with proper preparation and planning. Mind you, this was a few years back, around 2014. Hope this helps.
Just asked a simple question, how did you apply to SAM in the second year? Don't they reject applications unless ur in the 6th semester (without contacts)
Did not have any family contact. First generation law student and was from a simple middle class family. Attended court, hung around lawyers, paid attention, strategised, met with people, was polite and courteous with everyone regardless of their behaviour, kept eyes open for opportunities, used the ones I got, was careful not to seem entitled, and worked very, very hard. Also, did get a few strokes of luck.
SAM in 2nd year? How did you apply? how can this be done without strong contacts
This is not at all accurate. All tier one firms take in students from even 3rd year if they have a decent CV and appear promising enough during an internship interview. I myself had interned with SAM (after 2nd year), KCO and Trilegal (after 3rd year) etc.
All tier 1s and 2s only take interns from the 4th or 5th year, now intern in small boutique offices if you're from a top 5.