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Why is the firm so keen on bringing in outsiders? The firm is completely overlooking homegrown talent. Is the firn heading the Dewey way? We all know what happened to this major US law firm which poached superstar lawyers from other firms to only collapse a few years later. I really wonder how will the firm justify bringing in so much talent from other firms and not promoting homegrown talent? Will the firm collapse in 5 years due to competing interests? Please do not censor this.
More of than half of the partners in Trilegal were not in Trilegal even 3 to 4 years back.
Are you saying the newly minted partners who were promoted in there previous only a year back and was working under arguably India's best corporate lawyer had an 'independent' book.Because clients like the companies belonging to India's second richest man were also handed to this best corporate lawyer by the managing partner.It does seem that the firm which was targeted had only one female rainmaker who is the managing partner.So, I question the business rationale.
Looks like homegrown are getting insecure with us outsiders coming in and challenging them on their own turf.
Becoming a partner at Trilegal has become exceptionally tough.I guess the young kids who join Trilegal these days do not care about making partner and only care about raking in more money.
I agree that it is unfair on their own homegrown talent. Disagree on the Dewey comparison.

But if a justification is what you are looking for, it is that partners who are poached laterally will usually come in with their independent books while internally promoted partners don't and will need their sponsoring senior partners to feed them work for at least a couple of years while they build their books. Poaching hi-flying laterals simply makes for better business sense.
Dewey was a decade ago. The hiring market for international firms has moved significantly in that time - all the major U.S. players and the Magic Circle have significant percentages of laterals. The idea that a lateral is somehow inferior or that a homegrown person is always better is well behind them. They will simply hire the best person for the job and that sometime means hiring laterals and telling homegrown people that they won’t be elected…
That is simply not true.The real elite white shoe firms like Wachtell, Cravath, Davis Polk and SullCrom will never hire laterals and all partners in these firms are lawyers who joined the firms as associates out of law school. I agree that lesser firms like Kirkland and Paul Weiss do hire laterals.
You are comparing apples and oranges, don't equate Salaried Partners with Equity Partners. Independent Partners with clients/market rep are escaping to Trilegal to escape the family business culture, if talent wants to join, and it makes business sense, no firm would not take in partners. Most Salaried Partners at other firms do not become Equity Partners, and most other firms are as selective if not more when appointing Equity Partners. Please check how many salaried partners at AZB, CAM, SAM, Khaitan become Senior Partners, many have been salaried partners for 5+ years.
I don't understand the relevance of salaried and equity partners. Please understand that people who were counsels and were denied even salaried partner position in another have been made equity partners by Trilegal and salaried partners have joined Trilegal as equity partner. The point is that Trilegal has become a new firm since 2019 with this exodus and many hardworking counsels were denied partnership. This does not bode well for the firm. In AZB,CAM,JSA,KCo and SAM, homegrown partners are promoted and talent is nurtured. Even boutique firms like S&R and QP promote only internally.
Boss, please don't compare an elite institition like Cravath which hires only the very best and where average partner tale home pay is 5 million to a factory like Kirkland.
Absolutely agree. Trilegal is completely overlooking and ignoring homegrown talent and promoting people who have joined 6 months-1 year ago. (ref 2023 October partner promotions)

Got to know that some of the partners in the last batch were promoted solely on the basis of favouritism. Someone’s partnership pitch was purposely sabotaged to get a lateral partner hire from another firm.

Does anyone within Trilegal have more info on this? Is it true?