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On the basis of (1) less burden of work (2) aspirant peer groups (3) location (4) selection rates and other factors as you may feel are relevant, which NLU would you rank as best for UPSC aspriants?
RMLNLU Lucknow and CNLU Patna.

Avoid top NLUs like NLS, NALSAR and NLUD, they have lots of academic pressure and will leave you with very less time for preparation.
I would like to add one qualification to this comment. It is true that these NLUs and several others may have a more demanding curriculum and pedagogy, but if someone has made the choice that UPSC is going to be their foremost goal, then they can afford to let some of the usual academic expectations take a backseat, maintain a middling CGPA with less effort and focus on the UPSC preparations instead. I have seen students doing it. The advantage of studying at these places will be that one can always have fallback options like private sector jobs even with lesser academic credentials in case UPSC does not work out, given the reputation and alumni base of these places.
NLUD and NLSIU both have got very good records. Delhi may fare better because of the location and access to some of the most well-known coaching centres too.
NLU Delhi, any and all other replies can be ignored.
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Yet there are at least 35 alum who are in various branches of the civil services now. So...
that is due to their capability, however if you ask them whether the campus was conducive in their success, i don't think they would reply in the affirmative, and also there is not a single candidate who made it for the past 8 years so i don't know what your source is for the number 35.
So whenever students from other NLUs crack the UPSC, the credit goes to the university, but NUJS students do so, it is despite their university's faults? Ajeeb double standard hai bhai! In any case, no NLU does zilch to help UPSC prep anyway. As for you not knowing about people from NUJS who cracked UPSC during the last few years, that's your headache and not anyone else's innit?
arrey beta crack hu to nahi hua hai for 8 years, read the question, this adds to why its not conducive in the current times, as for not knowing about people who cracked being termed a head ache that's a weird way of thinking
Several NUJS alumni have cracked UPSC during this period. Which is why the original comment about you not being aware of them being your problem.
It was originally a toss-up between the Tier 1 NLUs - Law School/Nalsar/NUJS all getting a few selections each year. Then the era of NLUD domination started, 2015-2018. That locational advantage in Delhi seems to have gone away now. In the 2018-2022 era, Law School has re-emerged as the best performer. The best ever performance is by Jaydev (rank 5) NLS, second best is Gitanjali and Sakshi (tied, at rank 6), followed by Saumya and Vaishali (rank 8).

As for academic load, a top NLU education will hold you in good stead in the preparation and exam. It is not about aspirant peer groups, but about strong peer groups which can help raise your calibre.

A lot of low tier NLUs may have ample time for preparation, yet no evidence of actual success at clearing the exam. Don't pick an NLU based on time available for prep - by that logic, better to do BA/BSc/IGNOU.

If you are going to college, you should make the most of all the opportunities available. That will make you a stronger candidate. For instance, no engineering student would pick a lower tier college over a top IIT just because it will be easier to clear college, so that more time is available for UPSC prep.
Why do you wanna even join an NLU then? Do a BA ya BSC from DU, Stephens or any other place, if you are so bent in law, go to GLC, those people don't even attend classes