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NLUJ used to be a very good law school and was highly respected. Their graduates were picked by Magic Circle firms and selected for prestigious scholarships abroad, while those working in India were highly regarded for their work ethic. The early generation of NLUJ grads (pre-CLAT) included some rockstars. I just get the feeling that NLUJ has declined in recent years and no longer enjoys the stature it once did. That the NIRF ranking of 4 in 2019 was mostly because of NLUJ's legacy value. Would people here agree?

Some theories I have heard from people regarding NLUJ's decline are:

- Stale admin with no vision and reluctance to involve alumni
- Dilution of student quality because of various reservations and quotas
- Departure of some good faculty
- Rise of Jindal and some new NLUs, taking way jobs that may have otherwise gone to NLUJ
- Lack of support from present government
- Alleged poor work ethic of Gen Z (people make the same complaint of other law schools too, so I would discount this)
What reservations and quotas does NLUJ even have? There is no OBC, EWS or even domicile there, as of now.
You're not wrong.
If we talk about the perception of a candidate who is appearing for CLAT then GNLU seems a more compelling choice as compared to NLUJ. Gone are the days when a university was judged on the basis of it's establishment year, and it's quite practical also. I encountered one of the aspirant switching from NLUJ to GNLU due to poor facilities in the hostel, it might not go below NLIU but it is surely not taking over GNLU in the next 5 years or so.
I'm not going to turn this into another NLUJ vs. GNLU but what the OP suggests has credibility to some extent.
agree with the sentiment but not as bad
We just got 3 offers from london firms
It is because of the apathy of the current TikTok generation/woke generation. They would rather spend their time on social media or watching Netflix than pushing for change. Any protest will be centred solely around political or social justice issues with no relevance to improving the state of the college, such as CAA or toilets for transgenders. Bro, why not just have a private toilet which anyone in need of privacy can use: gay, straight, trans, disabled, women staff who need to breastfeed etc? Why an exclusive trans toilet?
To elaborate/counter on the points mentioned above:

- The admin is absolutely stale and has no vision for the university, has a ram bharose attitude towards administration, with absolutely hostile attitude towards students.

Case in point: Attendance Policy, no backlog policy, curfew timings, exam pattern etc.

- There is absolutely no dilution of student quality, NLUJ is probably the only NLU with no state based quota and amongst a few who have no OBC quota, with a batch strength of 120 from a very long time, I don't see any dilution from the side of the university, the pandemic has however changed things with many 3rd years having no basic knowledge of core subjects like crime, contracts, constitution etc.

- Very true, there is not a single permanent faculty in NLUJ, good faculty come and after seeing the contractual nature of the job leave, the court infact ruled against their contractual
and hire and fire policy (HC) but a stay on the same was granted by the SC.
Young faculty who join the university leave after getting their PHDs.

- I disagree Jindal and other colleges have not being able to steal the thunder of NLUJ just yet with NLUJ having placements at par to WBNUJS and NALSAR with a smaller batch size. We also have maintained the two vac schemes per batch statistic for a long time.

- Literally no support from the state government, due to the tussel between the two regarding the Domicile policy and appointment of registrar the University has not seen any flow of substantial funds from the government.
The VC refuses to bend over backwards for the receiving of more funds. (As evident by her speech)

- I can write whole paragraghs, what you call poor work ethic is just gen z standing up for their rights and not taking abuse from the superiors, as evident by the decline of ragging culture or be it students protesting for their rights against PPS and admin.

Just wait for 5 months, the tenure of PPS is about to end, I am quite hopeful that we as an institution will rise and again regain our past glory.
How is requiring students to attend classes and clear their backlogs before proceeding to the next year a sign of 'lack of vision' exactly? By citing those two examples, you reveal the very lackadaisical attitude of Gen Z that OP was referring to. There are many grounds for improvements of the NLUJ Admin including some of those that you have mentioned, but these two hardly appear to be examples of that.
Hello OP here, elaborating even further.

NLUJ does not have a backlog system, if you flunk your exam you will be awarded one more opportunity and if you fail to pass then you have to repeat the entire semester next year.

This combined with the lethal BA faculty means that the batch of 120 loses at least 10 people to this system.

Attendance Policy: You don't get any concession whatsoever on Medical Grounds, you need to maintain a minimum 70% attendance, while it might appear fine, one of our uni's graduates used to attend lectures on a ventilator during COVID (he unfortunately passed away), others this past semester attended college while they had chicken pox, as they know they will be debarred and will have to repeat the entire semester next year so they have no choice but to attend.
Still not figuring out the problem. What do you mean 'loses students to the system'? If someone cannot clear a paper even after two attempts, then why should they go ahead to senior years where more advanced papers will be taught? Securing pass marks for a paper in law school is not hard at all provided some basic effort is being made. If you want special dispensation for students who miss out on an exam on health grounds, that's what the extra opportunity is for. You clear basics before you go to the advanced stage, that's how life works.
As for attendance issue, you are getting a whole 30% concession already on attendance. Don't say that you are not getting any. If you choose to squander that concession by not attending to class voluntarily and then ask for additional leeway on health grounds, that's entitlement on your part, not necessity. Again, if someone suffers from a genuine ailment that makes them lose out on 30%+ classes, then I am sure the authority will consider that. If they do not, then protest against that, not for your own entitled version of your right not to attend classes. Maybe if you people actually attend the classes and do the readings, then you won't need a 'backlog system'.
Law school is supposed to be a place where people should study hard and not hardly study. If you can't cope with that, then choose a different discipline that suits you better, or a different institution.
as much as you feel like your point about attendance is a great one. It really isn't, its not a 30% concession, you get limited deemed attendance even if you are representing your college in competitions and moots, eventually if you take part in two or more competition you will lose your attendance, and say what you may but given the quality of education at this college and the slowly dwindling pool of good professors, there is more value in studying by your self (considering all they do is read out the bare act / text book) and taking part in these competitions, than there is in attending class.

And no if you suffer from a genuine ailment, the college does not take that into consideration. I know batchmates who have had to voluntarily discharge themselves or sit in class with a highly contagious disease just to ensure that you don't get de barred. Law school is about studying hard, I get it, but the need to sit through a bad class simply because you need attendance is detrimental to the students
Yet another comment implying that OBC quota dilutes student quality? What is the point of learning an integrated BA LLB course when mainstream law school threads have the same biases and prejudices
NLUJ is on a downward spiral and would be a tier-3 NLU soon. Just look at the faculty this sem, itโ€™s a fucking joke. All the good ones left and they hired random teachers with no prior experience and no significant achievements/publications to their name. They teach us like school children, dictate the โ€œnotesโ€ and expect us to robotically mug up everything.
Hell, even my school teachers had a better methodology than half of these teachers in 3rd, 4th and 5th year. I wouldโ€™ve been better off if I got a lesser rank in CLAT and went for GNLU or Jindal lol.
How would you identify a significant publication exactly? You lack the knowledge or ability for that at this stage at least.
Any publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Blogs obviously do not count. This is the bare minimum. But the faculty they have hired are absolute freshers with no prior teaching experience. Not hating the teachers per se but this quality is the last thing we expected while joining โ€œanal-ew Jโ€.
Peer-reviewed journals are a dime a dozen these days. When you say blogs don't count, you actually reveal your ignorance and drive home the point about your lack of expertise to judge any of this. A well-written blog piece at indiacorplaw or spicy ip or kluwer arb is worth more than many peer-reviewed journal pieces. As for fresher teachers, everyone has to start from somewhere. When Shamnad Basheer, Pritam Baruah, Chinmayi Arun and others were hired by NUJS for instance, they all lacked teaching experience.
It is because the Congress govt in Rajasthan has not promoted NLUJ. The BJP government in Rajasthan was better.
True that, eagerly waiting for the elections so that this useless Gehlot and his party gets thrown out and we can have BJP rule again in the state
And produce the amazing results that UP having been under BJP rule has produced for RMLNLU?
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The BA faculty is worst,their teaching style is really worst and they fail the students while checking copies deliberately. BBA and BA students do the same hardwork,but BBA guys always get good marks while BA ones struggle to pass in BA subjects as if BA ones are here for BA subjects not law.
I'd say you've guessed pretty right when it comes to the administration. The administration especially the dean and the vc play a nominal role when it comes to the college despite having a lot of power.

The VC or at least the ex VC has been more concerned with her own reputation rather than anything to do with improving the college, and she has largely taken a back step for many years now. Which combined with the fact that the NLUJ act gives her a lot of power means that nothing much gets done

Now lets look at the dean, the dean is a man well into his late 80s early 90s, who would have no issues watching the college go down the drain, because his view for nluj is to simply treat it as a local college where there are absolutely no standards to be maintained
Apparently the rumour is that Mr. Mustafa is coming to NLUJ as he has not accepted CNLU position
Vote for BJP in the next election and make Vasundhara Raje or Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore as your next CM. I guarantee you that NLUJ will see better days with the BJP government. Gehlot is a useless CM running a corrupt government.