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Andrew Tate just got banned from Facebook and Instagram. What is really disturbing is that he has support among a section of students in India, including those as prestigious NLUs. What's going on?
He is one of those few ratio of people who knows NLUs exist and how every year few 50K students run after the tag. Let him think NLUs establish Gods.
The only way you’d ever be able to understand his immense influence is if you can tell me the colour of your Bugatti
Who da fuck is he?
You know how fucking toxic you have to be to get banned from cesspools like Facebook?
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Thou come from a country where Ram Rahim, Nityananda, Osho, and many others still operating literally called themselves "Godman" and got a massive number of people to follow them without actually giving any value in return other than manipulation. And you question about the influence of Andrew Tate who is teaching broke kids how to build a mindset to earn money ?! Why? Because he has destroyed the façade of feminism and modernism birthed from the leftist propaganda to generate more capital out of people's insecurities, delusions, and herd mentality? Reflect on how you view things stpd. Don't just eat what they vomit on your plate !!! People talk about free speech but again are ready to cancel someone who doesn't speak their words. Hypocrisy is carried around like a stretch mark these days. It's appalling. Exercise your mind and body and take on a new and fresh perspective to understand your surroundings better.
Just because one is from the same country as self-styled Godmen, one has to support them or people similar to them? Does following Tate make one short circuit their own logic cells?
So, firstly none of those gurus called themselves as 'Godmen'. It's the media.

Secondly, please don't club Osho along with the other two cartoons. It shows your immaturity if you are not able to appreciate the difference between Osho from others. Osho himself says that he is against all forms of indoctrinations including the one being peddled by Tate. Osho's philosophy is to subvert all forms of conditioning that the society and civilization has constructed for humans.
And replace it with conditioning of his own. You left that part out.
Sure, and can you lay down what was his conditioning? He had no program of his own except de-programming other's programs.