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Really would be grateful for some insight into this team. Heard some really mixed and extreme reviews about this partner/team
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Good team with a loads of work and a good clientele.

Nihas is a good lawyer (but from the school of "let's get it done", which resonates with most but not all lawyers), generous with his juniors, and - in my opinion - a decent man.

Since it's a large-ish team, you'll not likely work directly with Nihas if you're joining straight from college. Your life will be affected more by the junior partner / senior associate you'll be working with rather than by Nihas himself. I haven't worked with any of his juniors directly since I was from a different team (and quite a bit senior to all of them) but they seemed broadly fine / non-evil.

The only significant downside, in my opinion, is that given the amount of work, most of his juniors tends to churn out documents but they don't spend the time to become better lawyers who think deeply about their work. This is partly the case because, like the rest of WG, the starting pay is shit and that doesn't attracts the best or the brightest. So you will be surrounded with many template driven lawyers who don't think - but rather execute a transaction. If you're groomed in this environment during your formative years then it's hard to not become like this yourself, although I think Nihas will like you more if you are a thinking lawyer.

If you work hard then this is a team where you can get autonomy fairly quickly and the money will be as good as any firm. In my opinion, in balance, a good team to join.
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Nb is great but a couple of seniors in that team are notoriously difficult. No respect for personal boundaries, bullying culture. I know an A0 who was forced to work despite being Covid infected