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The man seems very powerful . He is not a native of Delhi. He moved there. Most people who chose to elect and win Bar Council elections are not that interested in litigation much. We can easily see the man has a lot of connections and power. Does anyone have key info about what goes inside his office? How are people selected as juniors ? How much are they paid ? How does he support his lifestyle ? Does he argue regualrly ?

Please drop insight-bombs
[...] He got designated from Gauhati HC [...] (Re: Indira Jaising judgment on designating Senior Advocates). He runs a news channel focused on UP which provides political influence and ways to support his lifestyle. He is a mixture of other [...]. However, a fantastic human being [...]
Thanks for your comment . Please tell us how to join his office and what is the pay like ?
A call from someone influential or just approach him nicely and he'll be more than happy to offer a job. Salary is entirely dependent on your reference and his mood. Having said that, it's not at all worth joining him.
Why so much censoring? Especially the news article which is part of public domain?
@Kian / R - Didn't one of you omitted parts of the above comment ?
Don't know much but internship certificate toh sabko mil jaata hai iska. First years in first month be posting certificate stories form him lmao. VP mahoday
Ooo yes That's how I got to know about him. 2021 Grads have joined him and now directly practising in Supreme Court. Here we are slogging in District Courts due challenge of distance from Delhi
Quality is trash bec almost every 1st year is getting to intern under a "senior adv" Aap bhi kar lo promotion LI hi bacha tha
He is in the media business and is the architect of the channel APN news, although the APN website calls him an "editorial advisor" and not the owner.
I couldn't see any sign of Rai's political affiliation on his Twitter page, so he is probably not ideologically committed to anyone. However, the moderator of LI is an extreme left-liberal. Since the moderator has censored comments criticising Rai, my guess would be that Rai is a liberal too? Or is the moderator actually doing objective moderation now and banning attacks against conservatives and liberals equally?
What an incredibly stupid comment.

Anyhow, as a litigator in Delhi who knows about Pradeep Rai, he's not left-leaning.

PS: Do you not feel "extreme left-liberal" is sort of an oxymoron?