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Hi my dudes, I am currently interviewing for the competition team at ELP. I have gone though the lengths and breadths of this forum but have have come across nothing on ELP. If anyone could share how the firm is, people are and what are the expectations from the associates, it would be helpful. Also, do they have a flexible work from home policy and do they give laptops or phones to work?
WTF man!
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Parth is what everyone in the office calls Parthasarathy Jha, the Delhi competition partner, who is currently hiring.
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Parth is a great person to work with. If you take his feedback positively, you’ll be able to improve your work quality by leaps and bounds. He’s also a really fun guy!
Hey, did the interview process for the post start? Last I heard they were still shortlisting names.
Hi fishi bhau, drop me an email at please, will ya? Can you email me I'm fellow competition enthusiast and would like to engage.
They are looking for hiring again in the team. Anyone who got an interview for the same?
Hi, I did. Interviewed last week, still waiting for a response.
I’m assuming that they didn’t get back to you with positive news or any news all this time, or did they?!