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So, i want to get into jgls but all these practice tests and stuff is a Lil difficult for me since I started preparing day before yesterday. I have my lsat exam tommrow and I'm hopeful I'll get in but still.

My parents can pay my way in, but i just wanted to know whether of not jgls is a school like that. Whats gonna be th amount to pay and how to pay and like can I get in on the basis of that?

I'm just late to prep and don't know what to do, I'm trying my hardest and i might get in but still pls help me out.
If you appear for LSAT and score low, you can still get in eventually. Just apply with your score when the window opens. Assuming you can pay your way through the next five years, you should be fine.
theek hai private college hai but itna niche bhi mat lagao yaar
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If you have given the DU LL.B. entrance exam, then your rank can be used to secure your spot in JGLS. Idk about the 5 year program. Good luck