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If you have the money this is a no brainer, Jindal is better than Christ in everything.
I got rank more than 2k in clat pg despite working very hard...... (that's another story)
I have taken admission in christ as I had cleared their entrance but now the confusion is to choose between Jindal or Christ Banglore for the LLM program, plz genuinely advise which one is better or should I wait for the 2023 Clat which is in December?

Pls genuine advise only.


Anyone will get admission to JGLS -

As long as You have enough money - 50 Lakhs.

LSAT is just a mockery. They wanna claim that they are selective. But it's not.

JGLS is struggling to fill it's damn expensive seats. Anyone who goes there will get a seat.

They admit over 1000 kids an year.

Remember - JGLS/SLS/Any private college is not like NLU's. They need money. They can't guarantee that thier seats will be filled.
Can I still? Like Amity Noida is the only good one rest all is bad ik
The only way to get into jgls for the 5year law program is through LSAT-India, for their other 3 year bachelors program they conduct their own JSAT exam. However the LSAT-India is not very tough and you can get in if just practice AR a little, rest is very simple, also the cutoff doesn't go very high.
Firstly I wouldn’t suggest to pay your way out 1) you may not realise it now but when you pass out of law you would feel you didn’t deserve it. 2) if you have so much money invest in rather going abroad for your masters or invest that money it will compound. Spending 40Lakhs on a 5 year law course isn’t worth it, try for other law schools, bonus if you are from Mumbai/Delhi. You can legit intern through the year and that experience would be better than to be at Jindal and spend so much on education. Mind you placement is only for the top performers at Jindal. By top performers I mean overall not just academics. Please give this a thought. All the best.
So, i want to get into jgls but all these practice tests and stuff is a Lil difficult for me since I started preparing day before yesterday. I have my lsat exam tommrow and I'm hopeful I'll get in but still.

My parents can pay my way in, but i just wanted to know whether of not jgls is a school like that. Whats gonna be th amount to pay and how to pay and like can I get in on the basis of that?

I'm just late to prep and don't know what to do, I'm trying my hardest and i might get in but still pls help me out.