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Will Modi win a third term? Even bhakts are getting angry with him. Or is public memory short? Will the BJP pull of a coup and replace Modi with Yogi Adityanath and polarise the electorate? Also, if not Modi who? Is Rahul Gandhi credible? What experience does he have?
I think that BJP has to be uprooted, and INC should come back in power ( only and only if the Gandhis are removed from the top tier). If younger versions of great economists like Manmohan Singh come in the flashlight and represent the congress party, I personally think that congress has much better aims. I was born a Hindu(currently non religious), and BJP is a pro Hindu government which shouldn't exist, because India is a secular country and shall welcome people from all diversities. Ever since BJP has acquired in power, the country has fallen down, BJP is playing with the tax payer's money. Building the statue of unity instead of feeding the poor was such an absolute let down for our country, and even THAT was not enough. Now, a $120 MILLION project of building a new parliament which is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY is currently under construction. I hope that people revolt against it. This is completely wrong. All BJP aims to do is to remove complete trace of INC and then attain a power mimicking dictatorship, and nothing else.....I wish that a new and legitimate person comes to represent and revive this dying country. Be it from INC, AAP , BSP or a new party, but BJP should be dissolved.
who said building a new parliament is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY? I ain't a BJP supporter but after doing some research, I came to conclusion that building a new parliament is COMPLETELY NECESSARY.
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shashi tharoor if congress is winning ...
No other leader in india got this much Global exposure like tharoor
He clearly know what area to focus ...
Social empowerment is Nill in India... Shashi tharoor can put good strategy from the experience gained from UN.
Leaders are focusing more on infrastructure development , statues , etc ...surely this is important and this will attract investment ...infrastructure development will make rich more richer specially in currently social situation ... Social empowerments and skill development is very much required across india ...
Why You All forget Nitin Gaddkari Such a amazing Candidate for PM post
Certainly, Mamata Banerjee will be the biggest opposition and next prime minister candidate.
Who ever PM is selected other than bjp will be a god blessing for India. Its not the ego as a common citizen of India i am tired of lies, cheap thinking,paying more, harassment , getting looted every day, their mind games in the name of religion its disgusting. I dont care who ever a pm be thats out of my reach pariwarbaad or unpariwarbad all bullshit. Just the ease of living with better perspective thats what i prefer. Many institution is been sold to the present govt. Is this India??? Rich the rulers by their party donation....
Don't want modi as PM. He is a worst human being. And a communal poison . people must take action to ban BJP , congress and other traditional sick parties and leader. They ruined the sanctity of Indian. India needs a new governance. There must be no Hindu muslim Christian problem. Everyone must be a Indian first. And India must progress i mean actual progress. I have entire India on my motorcycle and i have how much underdeveloped India. Let the BJP gutter shits scream their holy chants . I request every indian to take a bold step to throw thi dishonest person Modi who uses his motherly sentiments to cover up his poor governance.
at least Rahul Gandhi has a non criminal experience unlike modi a master criminal at work he won't leave this seat until his death...
Modi would be too old anyways. So its either Amit Shah or Yogi Adityanath. No chance of congress winning the elections and 3rd front seems very difficult.
1 surgical strike before the elections and 10 years of anti-incumbency will be wiped out.
If one wants to see a change in the political scene, we must stop saying that change is not possible.

BJP currently does not rule:
Punjab, Rajasthan, and Delhi in the North (they have a coalition in Haryana, and rule Himachal); or
Maharashtra in the West (where they rule Gujarat, a horse-traded their way into Goa); or
Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, and Telangana in the South (they have only Karnataka); or
Jharkhand in the Hindi heartland (where they rely on a coalition in Bihar and had to horse-trade their way into MP); or
Odisha and Bengal (in the East), while
they do seem to have a strong grip on the North East.

I understand Parliamentary polls are fought on different issues and have Modi as a more direct attraction for coalescing around the BJP. However, secular-minded people can live in hope. But, we must stop saying that it will be impossible to have another outcome.
I don't understand why Yogi Adityanath is considered a potential PM candidate. Stop creating a hype around him like you did for Modi. That guy (Yogi) has not even lead BJP to a victory in any state election yet. Please remember that the 2017 UP Assembly elections were fought in Modi's name, without any indication as to who BJP's CM candidate was. It was only after BJP had won a majority, that BJP pulled a fast one on UP's population and gave UP the gift that no UPite asked for, i.e. Yogi as CM.
Heck, BJP couldn't even win Gorakhpur lok sabha seat in the 2018 bye election (after Yogi resigned as an MP to take up the CMship) and lost to SP. Wonder what that says about Yogi's performance as an MP leading up to that time. It was only once the LS elections were fought in Modi's name again in 2019, that BJP was able to win back Gorakhpur LS seat (Ravi Kishan is current LS MP from Gorakhpur - LOL)

TL;DR version : Yogi hasn't proven jack till now as a performer, either as an MP or CM. Stop hyping him. That's what RSS wants - free publicity for a person who's possibly the worst CM and doesn't think twice before trampling on basic human rights.
If the opposition PM candidate is a respected non-political person, such as Raghuram Rajan or Kailash Satyarthi or Lt Gen Madhuri Kanitkar or Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, then I will vote for him/her. If it is RaGa or Mamata, then I will vote for Modi. Anyone is better than RaGa or Mamata.
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I hope you don't need oxygen anytime soon. Or money from savings schemes. Or diesel/petrol/cooking gas. Or any friend from any minority community. Or live in an area susceptible to ecological disaster.
Yogi from Gorapkhpur will be the next PM after Modi. Wanting non politicians as PM is a joke. If a non political person wants to taste power and be in the power corridors, clear the IAS exam in your 20s.
There could not have been a better topic to discuss on Legally India. Kian, why don't you feature this?
Hell, he's not even from UP. He was born Uttarakhand and his family is from Uttarakhand and not UP.
Considering the "cut money" scandal in Bengal and the unlawful arrest of the journalist who exposed it (Shafikul Islam), your point fails completely.
Lol. You will vote for Modi even if Lord Ram is congress candidate. Its funny when Modi Bhakts pretend to be neutrals.
It's Tejaswi Surya. NDA will form gvt with more than 385 seats in 2k24.
BTW modi is pradhan sevak and not pradhan mantri. He is so selfless.
Leaders like Sitharaman, Gadhkari are not mass leaders. No mass appeal. Mass leaders like Shivraj, Yogi can only succeed Modi. In all probability, Yogi will succeed if he wins 2022 UP elections. That will make his claim to PM inevitable. Yogi is the hard face of Hindutva. He is exactly what RSS wants.
Considering Modi/Shah imprisons under trumped-up charges or [...] every journalist and author who even goes to cover events that don't show him in a good light, you are not even left with a point. As for scams, PM definitely doesn't care fund is slipping your mind perhaps.
Her candidature would be announced by a circular and later withdrawn by a Koo tweet.
Yes. Once he comes to power, he will jail and take away the jobs of all people with Islamic-sounding names. Just like he did as a trailer in Bangalore lately.
Current PM was banned from entering USA. Future PM banned from Twitter.
Wonder who he will vote for Modi moves to Congress!
Ajay Bisht is a 'mass leader' only in the cowbelt. He came to campaign in Bengal and was laughed out of the state. Same for Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
If Covd gradually fades away, Modi can still win by taking some populist or divisive actions, such as:

1. Universal basic income
2. Population control bill
3. Uniform Civil Code
4. Kashi-Mathura temple bill
5. Income tax slabs reduction
6. Surgical strike killing Dawood or Hafiz Saeed
Why are we even bothering. The PM of India is and will be Mukeshbhai Ambani
The favorite quote of the Hindu Vahni Sena which is a private army floated by the CM of UP in 2002 is - Agar Hindustan mein rehena hoga, to Yogi Yogi kehena hoga, Jo yogi yogi nahin kagega, Hindustan mein nahi rahega.No one can deny the fact that Yogi is admired in UP by a large section of the majority Hindu community.The RSS may want him as PM in the future.A large number of infra projects are being built in UP under his tenure.
They’d rather die than hand power over to a woman, given their level of feminism. Plus, no offense, she’s too daft and stupid to run a country, seeing what she’s done to the economy. Every day will be a damn trial and error of her funny little policy experiments.
Much like the Democratic Party in the US, the Congress has been taken over by far-left anarchists. BJP is a lesser evil so I am sticking with Modi.
The person who downvoted this surely has got a Koo account.
Heights of ignorance.Mukeshbhai will not even be able to make a cabinet recommendation in this government.Corporate India bows before the beard.This is what happens when two men are able to get 303 lok Santa seats.
That is why he got routed in the panchayat election last week? Lost varanasi, ayodhya, prayagraj - all to SP.
Winning cow belt is the easiest way to becoming PM. UP alone has 80 Lok Sabha seats. Even Modi chose to contest from Varanasi(UP) instead of his home state Gujarat in 2019.
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In Democracy , from constituency ,approx 60% cast their vote and approx 30% ,what the winner gets the share, which come around 18% of total vote .In other way ,he is rejected by 82%.In cabinet few constituencies can fill all cabinet ministers seat .even loser can become minister via rajya shabha .2 -3 people with the help of another 2 -3 are the masters. This is what downfall of governance, we r witnessing ,when we stepped on this blue for no reason. Politicians r known for their narcissistic manners with average mind .
He can claim that he is PM even if he is not. Bhakts would believe him too.
Hope you manage to unstick yourself when the two of you perform your respective morning ablutions.
i will vote for any one except raga sonia priyanka chidambaram shashi tharoor mamta
You will vote for Modi. Modi will remain PM for the next 25 years.
And that's why the country is in such a pile of dogshit at present.
I will still vote for Modi and BJP, not because I like them but because I hate Rahul/Mamata/Lalu/Akhilesh/Communists more and voting for them will lead to complete economic ruin : no privatisation of Air India, no FDI cap increases, no foreign law firms, higher taxes, useless welfare spending etc. Also, Modi has many faults but one thing you cannot accuse him of is stealing money to enrich himself and his family, the reason being that he is single and has no children. There is also no doubt that there have been fewer scams in this government, unlike CWG/2G/Augusta/Vadra/Railways etc in the previous government.
The comments here make me laugh. As if the "secular" parties are very honest and have not participated in caste/communal violence. And it was the Congress which built up Ambani FYI. The people commenting here have no idea of history. Give Modi a third term at least and see.
Why is there so much hate for Rahul Gandhi.The bjp has so systematically sullied his reputation since 2012.
In response to the original question - the PM in 2024 will be whoever gets so elected by a majority of the Lok Sabha MPs in 2024. So please let the MPs decide on that, you bother about who you want to send as an MP from your constituency. You don't need to worry about idiotic questions like "Modi v. Who?". Vote for whoever is the best candidate in your constituency (whichever political party) and not in the name of the Supreme Leader (Supreme Leader willl stand for just one seat) and let parliamentary democracy do its thing. Ok?

I personally do not think a candidate who has no opinion of his own and will just do what the Supreme Leader (or his sidekick) asks him to, can be the ideal candidate for a constituency (for illustration purposes see MPs like Hema Malini, Sunny Deol, Ravi Kishan, Kiron Kher - would have cited Congresa MPs as well, if they had enough MPs in real life).
The secular parties have done a considerable number of constructive things for the country too, be it the school that you've studied in or the hospitals that are now keeping you alive. Besides its horrendous reputation on the communal front, this government has systemically destroyed the reputation of every institution from the RBI to the CBI to the EC, takes one bad economic decision after the other, keeps squawking like headless chicken in its external relations, and destroying the ecology too. There's absolutely nothing that Modi has done to ever deserve a second term other than play on people's Islamophobia and Pakistanphobia, to even deserve a second term, let alone a third.
Everything you've accused other governments of doing, this government has already done. As for your laughable argument about children, stealing for fellow thief's children is hardly any better. Example, Jay Shah. And the current ugly and tasteless spending on the central vista when people are dying all around. As for scams, from Rafale to PM cares, there have been plenty, you just watch only Republic TV and Aaj Tak, so won't be aware of those.
Well, you must remember that Articles 39(b) and (c) of the Constitution even overrides Part III of the Constitution. Socialism is also a part of our basic structure. So, welfare spending is not useless in poor country like India.We unlike England are not a nation of merchants and shopkeepers. If the opposition comes to power, even corporate associates will have less work and there will be more work life balance. The question one must ask is - Where is "Acche Din"? Are we radically better of than what we were 6 years and 11 months before?
Himanta has a lot of potential. If he has national ambitions, he is a good fit.
Height of delusion, I must say. Who provides these two men with billions of dollars before and after elections? Is it Mohan Bhagwat or Jay Shah?
I would rather have Vijayan or Patnaik. Proven good administrators in their respective states who actually care for the people and not any party agenda.
A committed ideological cadre is what is needed to win votes for the BJP. Although they are getting corporate funding, but no one can make the case that they win elections solely because of financial muscle. BJP has the organization to win election after election with limited funding. They came to power in Delhi in 98 with very little funding. Also, they get funds from various sources. The all powerful Indian state has all the agencies (ED, CBI etc) with them and any corporate can be turned from hero to zero within days, All corporates bow before the beard. If anyone thinks it is the other way round, they would be living in a fool's paradise.
not just BJP. he himself has to blame for it. BJP just strategically used his limitation and now his career in politics is destroyed.
Looks like the IT Cell, after trying in vain to convince the rest of the world through their lies and propaganda that a 'Hindu genocide' is happening in Bengal now, has now congregated in the comments section. Kian, do you have any explanation for what this supposed 'conversation' has to do with law? Other than the failure of legal institutions under the current regime?
It's trite to say that financial might alone doesn't win elections and that the Bjp has committed blindfolded followers who vote for them, but if we take the finances out of the equation, everything else falters pretty soon.
As long as there is some semblance of democracy in a country, all beards - no matter how long or hideous they are- will bow to large industrial houses.
As for CBI, ED turning corporates from hero to zero within days, it's easier said than done. I'm yet to see one corporate who went from hero to zero within ''days''.
Were we in a complete economic ruin before 2014 ? BJP was the one opposing FDI when they were opposition.
Dont understand why you guys pretend to vote for bjp based on economic issues. Just accept that you are going to vote for Modi no matter what.
In the present regime, it is officers in the PMO who makes laws and parliamentarians simply rubber stamp them. It is the PM who decides on laws to be rubber stamped. Also, the PM is a constitutional office under Article 74. So, this conversation should be allowed in Legally India just like conversations about promotions in law firms which technically have nothing to with the law.
If anyone is wondering why this thread is receiving so many comments all of a sudden, the link for this thread was posted in a group made up of members of IT Cell.
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Again, who you would vote for as the PM still has no legal but only political implications, especially when we don't even vote for the PM in this country unlike a presidential election.
Well, the promoters of the largest industrial houses are clearly not as delusional as you are and they are certainly are aware of their aukat. Corporates influencing policy happen in weak governments. It can never happen with a leader as powerful as you know who.
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Powerful who? Mr. 56 inch who trembles since 2019 to utter the name of China?
I curse the downvoters to get stranded far away from their homes without any hope of getting back. Perhaps in Bangalore traffic.
Think of an opposition first. Let's discuss the probabilities thereafter. This is a redundant discussion if we do have a potential substitute. Within the bjp, mr. Yogi Adityanath is the only substitute.

Anyway, if Mr. Modi continues to wreck damage like he now does, he would manage to win, albeit with a less majority.

His intentions are noble and the nation needs a strong leader like him.
The fact that you still consider his intentions to be 'noble', him as a 'strong leader' despite his abysmal failures, and Ajay Bisht (a [...] based on each and every parameter) as fit for leading anybody, speaks a lot about your own mindset. Whether you have failed your education, or is it the other way around, is up for debate. If someone is trying to kill you, you seem to be the sort to think that you need to consider a credible substitute first to replace the killer before trying to fend him off.
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Totally biased moderation. Abuse against RW allowed, minor criticism of LW censored.
Obviously not me .I hv decided not to become part of this circus in every 5 yrs.
Absolutely. Why don't you boycott Legally India? You know, the thing which RWs are always threatening to do? The thing you threatened to do to Twitter while moving to Koo, but never did?
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It may be be disconcerting to every bhakt but going by how our economic policy is made and manipulated for a few individuals, it's pretty evident that your Supreme Leader is a puppet of Mr Adani and Mr Ambani.
Are you Rahul Gandhi. Only he thinks like this. Promoters of Indian companies are aware of their aukat. They are not so delusional as you are. You seem to exist in a world where agencies like CBI,ED do not exist. Even though, they (corporates) do not hold a lot of power these days as they did a few years back, the clout of Mr. Ambani is certainly more than other industrialist.
When people like Yogi who is undoubtedly the most popular face in the current ruling dispensation becomes the Prime minister, the influence of corporates will further wane. But it hard to argue against the fact that corporate lawyers are the biggest beneficiaries of the liberal pro capital economic policies of the present government. Abolishment of FIPB was such a bold step. Very few deals go the CCEA for approval today. So many sectors like the coal sector haVE been liberalised. IBC has led to so much work especially in the top 3 firms in the country who handle most of the largest cases. FDI limits being liberalised has led to so many deals and so many crores in the hands of transactional lawyers. The performance of the stock markets since May 2014 has been great benefiting capital market lawyers. Corporate lawyers should not complain against the present ruling dispensation. Making 100s of partners in the top 3 firms would not have been possible without Modiji. Remember this. Just look at the number of people who have become partners in top 3-4 firms. Indian firms will soon have most number of partners.
I seem to exist in a world where no bhakt seems to exist.
[...] naked display of greed and the desire to line your pockets at the expense of whatever happens to the rest of the country. [...] Kian, feel free to censor this or not publish this, but you knew this was coming when you allowed this conversation to continue. The number of deaths and misfortune that should be there on these people's conscience provided they had any, is stupendously huge. [...] Not even sheep led by the present wolves in power, these people are like hyenas to feed on the carcass of the country.
The problem is, majority in cow belt gets you majority in Lok Sabha. Disproportionate number of Prime Ministers are from cow belt (especially UP)
That's why the bodies come floating on the Ganges from the cow belt, and why gomutra extracts are being used to treat COVID patients, and why cow helplines are being opened in certain states.
He will feel like it's been a demotion. From overseeing and reviewing IT Cell posts on Facebook to ordering those to be written.
Unless a viable alternative is presented to people... modi will win it hands down.. don’t know who can be that alternative but definitely not rahul Gandhi.
People keep demanding a viable alternative. One is needed only when we have a viable candidate on the PM's seat to begin with. Which we don't. He's letting people all around you die. If that too doesn't get rid of the notion that he's a successful PM, nothing will.
I would rather have the CM of Odisha, Kerala, basically any of the people doing a halfway decent job in their state, replace this megalomaniac killer any day.
Fully agree. Even with his failures Modi will win as there is no viable opposition. At most he will get fewer seats, that's all. The Congress barely exists outside a few pockets and is headed by a spoilt brat with zero admin experience who goes on holidays every other month. Mamata is a dictator whose government has been involved in largescale corruption and violence. She has no acceptance outside Bengal. Kejriwal is honest and an IIT grad, but can't win seats outside Delhi. Naveen Patnaik is a good CM but not in good health, plus no pan-India reach. The other regional leaders are just a bunch of thieves and gangsters.
Why not the UP CM.He is the most popular among bhakts after Modiji.
Just as law grads like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, CR Das, Ambedkar etc led India's independence movement, we need a new party led by NLU grads who will lead India in the 21st century, away from dynastic, communal, casteist and extremist politics. IIT/IIM/AIIMS grads can also be invited.
Why not Mahua Moitra? Young, smart, qualified, speaks well, attractive etc. Former VP at JP Morgan in London. So much better than Pappu.
Stop perpetuating this myth that Modi has got a 'pan India' reach. He does not beyond Gujarat and the cow belt. As for corruption and violence, his government is the biggest facilitator of those.
A 18-word comment posted 2 years ago was not published.
She's not even the leader of her own party. Not even a minister.
She has termed our honorable UP CM, HM and PM as fascists. How can she be PM.
Modi will keep winning as long as the Gandhi family runs the Congress. It will be Modi in 2024 and Yogi in 2029 and 2034.
Then how did the BJP win Assam, Tripura and Karnataka and get 18/42 seats in Bengal Lok Sabha?
Totally, agree with that.If the Gandhis do not cede control, it will be Modi in 2024 and Yogi after that.This is the most realistic possibility.
You missed out the part of expecting to win 200 seats in Bengal, putting in every effort, and then whipped out of their complacency by getting only 77.
GNCT Delhi Standing Counsel in the Delhi High Court. Boss he talks like he is the boss! He surely talks like one ... incase you haven't heard him in court.
I will be candid. I was under the idealistic notion that decent legal education actually makes someone an overall better person, more aware of their surroundings, the rights of people, and the right thing to do, even if they couldn't always do something about it. This thread has successfully cured that delusion on my part. Especially after everything that has happened during the pandemic, the lockdown, and the callous way in which this regime has treated human lives, both on the central level and in states like UP, every single person who still supports them is guilty of facilitating all those deaths, and does not really have any respect for human lives and humanity. They might reach influential positions and earn a lot of money in their lives, but they would never be worth [...]. I really wish I could be aware of their identities, not to persecute them for their opinion, but to ensure that I never ever come across them or deal with them in real life. With this kind of people frequenting the profession, it will also never get better or treat human beings with the respect and dignity that they deserve.
Word. Fully support what this person said. It's not about right or left wing politics. I identify as a capitalist myself. I still hate the way the government has let us down all during this crisis, and simply seems not to care about real life problems faced by people at all.
Modi has the most difficult job in the world and he is doing a reasonably good job under trying circumstances.But the opposition needs to become stronger.We cannot become a one party nation.That would be disastrous.
Chanda Kochhar, Dheeraj Wadhawan, Raju Satyam scam wale

Fraud No. 1.

You need to read more about him. Biggest scamster. He is a communal Communist.

Only reason he won is because of in fighting in Congress and the freebies he doled out at the cost of exchequer in last 1 year before elections.

There is hardly any development in Kerala. Roads are bad. Bridges fall. There is a scam for everything. Kerala survives because of the labour jobs in Middle East, medical and christian jobs all over India, and the few who managed to migrate out.
One of the few half decent souls in India. Definitely worth being given a shot
Despite their faults, Modi and the BJP are the best bet for India's economy. Economic growth is the only way to save the country. If the Congress/Mamata/DMK/Yadav gang come to power, be prepared to pack your bags and run away from this country.
What economic growth? The economy has not improved any under this government, interest rate has tanked, new jobs are hardly being created, inflation is high, petrol, diesel, cooking gas prices are skyrocketing, the government is just increasing tax rate. Stop parroting the same drivel and wake up and smell the coffee.
Your definition of reasonably good job appears to be anything that doesn't get you killed or sacked or hospitalised. Of course, with your privileges, you might escape from some or all of it. At least for now. Most of the people in this country aren't so lucky.
Still has the highest literacy rate, one of the best public healthcare system, low COVID death rate, and so on. You focus on things that matter to you, I would focus on things that matter to me. Vijayan is not the greatest leader that we have ever had. He's miles ahead of almost everyone else currently functioning, and infinitely more competent than the fraud dancing on the construction site of the Central Vista. All that the ministers of this central government do is lie. One lie after another. They have officially said that whatever they promise before election is jumla, and they can't be held accountable to any of it, other than Kashmir and Ram Mandir of course.
"When all this is over, people will try to blame the Germans alone, and the Germans will try to blame the Nazis alone, and the Nazis will try to blame Hitler alone. They will make him bear the sins of the world. But it's not true. You suspected what was happening, and so did I." -

This thread is a classic illustration of the aforementioned point.
Well, 2004- 2009 were the best years for the economy.These large Indian firms - AMSS, AZB , JSA, Luthra, Khaitan also thrived in those years.Before 2004, no one even had heard of these firms.The economy use to clock nearly 10 per cent growth at that time.
How many of you and your dear ones surrendered JIO sim cards and resigned from Ambani and adana companies and.not got shares from these companies. Ambani didn't start business after.modi became PM
No matter how desperately we might want Congress to win election under a credible candidate like Mr Singh the truth remains the opposition just does not have a name that will resound with the population of India and convince them that yes this person can be our PM. Presenting a realistic view. It is like that article by Michael Moore in 2016 where even though he desperately wanted Hillary to win he had predicted that let us not fool ourselves Trump is winning. Similarly if the political atmosphere of last two national elections, the current results of recent state elections [Maharashtra (BJP was single largest), Bengal (BJP's seats grew by 2400% almost), Assam, Puducherry etc] are anything to go by there is no fooling ourselves that BJP is returning and mostly with Modi in the front. Don't forget he is way younger than Biden.
The reason was the impact of the policies of the Vajpayee govt before that. In Modi's case, he inherited an economy ruined by the UPA for 10 years. Know your history.
Of course, whatever good others have done, it is because they are enjoying the fruits of labour of BJP. Whatever bad BJP is doing, it is because they have inherited the bad legacy of others. What a nice way to avoid accountability and responsibility!
Where BJP is having full hold it's just a myth I will name most of the states not with them, and others which they got illegally, KERALA, TAMILNADU, ANDHRA, MAHARASHTRA, ODHISA, BENGAL, PUNJAB, RAJASTHAN, DELHI, KARNATAKA BY HOOK, MP BY TRADING, PONDICHERRY BY CHEATING, TELANGANA AND MANY WHCIH I don't know and none of the metros with them that is MUMBAI, DELHI, CHENNAI, AND KOLKATA. Still, all in the false world thinking they cant be overthrown first stop this false propaganda
Delhi is with them after the new bill which was passed by parliament which has clipped the powers of the elected Delhi govt.
Please lets not get ruled by morons. and please don't forget that we take a lot of pride in our country in having enormous potential to develop. It is shame that when it comes to finding PM candidate all we highlight is cow-dung. Let me count some leaders of potential:
1. Naveen Patnaik. (he has good record)
2. Arvind Kejriwal. (good record, trolled by BJP but loved by his own people)
3. Captain Amrinder Singh (Punjab CM, unpopular)
4. Bhupesh Bhagel (Chhattisgarh CM, unpopular)
5. Pinarayi Vijayan (Kerala CM, unpopular)
6. Mamata Banerjee (WB CM, popular right now but unlikely, can't speak Hindi-major issue)
Please let us know which weed u smoked before picking these candidates.
Only Naveen Patnaik is suitable for the candidature of PM of India .(Choosing from your list.)
Except him all other 5 are threat to this country.

To Naveen Patnaik to become PM, he has to lead all these parties(rotten sold) as an opponent to BJP. But he won't do that, as he will never value a PM chair more over the future of this country.

Although Modi has so much shortcomings, we Indians have no choice.
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All of them are no use because of their hatred towards one community.issue with modi is he's very late in responding to an issue but he resolves it. And the the way congress is trying to shatter it's bhakts minds..modi isn't caring about false accusations on him which is a con for him so I feel his votes might decrease but might be elected in2024.
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Please, at least take out Arvind Kejriwal's and Mamta Banarjee's name out of the equation. I believe Naveen Patnaik is a good candidate, but he isn't a mass leader as well still.

Coming to the two above, specially Mamta Banarjee, the one who can respect only one religion, i.e., the appeaser of the vote bank only, should never ever be a PM of the country.
The current PM displays exactly the same characteristic. And there is absolutely no evidence of the Bengal CM only catering the minorities. People from the majority religion who live in Bengal have got no problem with her on that score. Only the power hungry yet stupid BJP stooges make that an issue. This is not to say that she does not have many faults of her own. However, the current PM has destroyed the economy, made middle and lower middle class people's lives hell, created communal tensions all over the country, keeps backing down from China, helps his cronies get fatter at the expense of the public and takes decisions without absolutely any rhyme or reason like notebandi and lockdown. To top it all, he has an aversion towards any meaningful discussion and debate inside or outside the parliament and has successfully destroyed common people's faith in most supposedly neutral institutions. I have never seen a worse guy in power in my entire life.
Whoever you are I don’t know but where are u from I’m from Delhi I know how good Kejriwal is ………………Delhi have become a liquor state not more than that. If he is giving something free thanx a taxpayer not to him he is not a good person to become a pm guys please understand ..
Bro really arvind kejriwal, he can't handle he got 2 states to look after.😂
Yeah right..mamara banerjee if you want a state with absolutely no development. She only fuels the goons, exploit the poor section and allows infringement of muslims from bangladesh for vote banks. In whole of west bengal she has had no proper planning for revenue generation of state instead placed so much street lights in kolkata unnecessarily that we are in deep trouble with electricity board, sole reason was her brother had the contract for placing street lights. Absolutely no company is based in kolkata. Infact many software companies left kolkata. So no employment in west bengal. In whole state of west bengal only kolkata is better to live, rest is pathetic. Mamta is least concerned about rest of bengal.
A 64-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
As someone staying in Bengal and not a supporter of the TMC government, most of what the so-called 'all-India' channels are showing to be happening in Bengal over the last two months is gross exaggeration, misleading and fake news, and looks to be a part of some hidden agenda and ulterior motives. Other than the deeply troubling COVID issue, the state is not undergoing any extraordinary or alarming situation at present.
A 29-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
Absolutely Yes. I am following all the garbage the bought media is selling. I am not at all her fan and have listed her at 6th. I do not find her an able administrator, but at the same time please stop believing all the BJP-sponsored media are selling about Mamata. Having also said that, I have found her policies uplifting the lower strata of the society in Bengal, esp. adivasis. She does not do divisive politics. Vis-a-vis Modi she has many positive qualities, which our countrymen do not know.
Not all hate RaGa. Only sensible people hate RaGa. As long as Rahul is there Modi will keep shining. We will never get to know that we have alternatives, who can be educated, sensitive, and progressive-minded. I have the feeling BJP is the only party that loves Rahul Gandhi.
I respect your thought. It was supposed to be like that. Our democratic system is not perfect. We are not educated on what to vote for and what to not vote for. Everyone does not vote rationally by weighing on positive qualities a candidate bears. Election campaigning can make people dance at their tunes. I have seen people voting candidates when they are offered money and alcohol a day before. Therefore I believe not providing a PM projected candidate before the election is disadvantageous.
We do not need an ideal candidate. We need the best of what we have. Roads are bad everywhere. Bridges too fall. If Kerala did not develop by infrastructure they neither fell apart by getting polarised. As a candidate he has the CV needed. But does not have any popularity so far. Not even with his peer CMs i guess.
Because if you meet me You would know I can do much better than Rahul Gandhi. I have some reason to believe you are from the IT cell, because they are the only ones who keep him alive in the news.
With the respect of all views on the Prime Ministerial Candidate, I would like to give some names who're consistently doing a great job and have a good record too except Narendra Modi. Because BJP cannot change their candidate till they are getting majority.

First of all, I would like to nominate
1. Mr. Nitin Gadkari from Bharatiya Janta Party, who is taking the best ministry award with the record development since Modi Government formed. He has no criminal and controversial records in past.

2. Mr. Naveen Patnaik from Biju Janta Dal (BJD), who is the longest and the most awarded Chief Minister of Odisha. His public policies and credible behavior makes him the best Prime Ministerial Candidate in opposition.

Additional info: Congress has no credible face after Ghulam Nabi Azad. Arvind Kejriwal still take time to experience the politics. The regional leaders like Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee or any other leaders can never be a candidate for Prime Ministerial position. So kindly don't abuse on the capability of your favorite leader. Thanks

Hope India will have a good leader to respect and developed the dream of 138 crore lovely citizens. Jai Hind.

For more info: You can connect with me on
Twitter: @_vikrantsingh
Facebook- Vikrant Singh
It is next to impossible to see any one of the two as PM of India. You mentioned about Nitin Gadkari, as BJP will not project him. Naveen Patnaik have to lead all the oppositions of BJP including INC. He will never do that.
There is another name from BJP-
1. Nitin Gadkari who is having vision and clarity in his work and vision for India his ideology is different from Modi, Shaw, and Yogi. All three of them are anty to each other ideology. He is a very nice, humble, and genuine person, he had never tried to create a false image of the BJP party. so sach hota hai he always accepts.
2.Though BJP + RSS works together and their ideology is different can't say it will work for India in coming years the way the hater arguments, debate, and divide and rule policy is going within religion.

There is another name from Congress.
1. Deepender Singh Hooda == He is a very good orator, Having a sense of his ideology and practical knowledge of governance.
2. Sachin Pilot
3. Rahul Gandhi == He can be, however, he is not aggressive as it's a requirement of PM to be aggressive.

We need a person who is clear in his vision, a mission to make India a developed country, and ready to lead India with a Team of experts in their field from different areas who can give the right suggestions and the PM has to intelligent and educated to take decisions on polices. We don't want a dictator kind of person as a PM. The leader has to be very smart, calm, non-egostic,
Why not Sashi Taroor? This can one of the name from Congress.
I think Dr S Jaishankar would be next PM or Yogi Adityanath ji
Modi is the best suited as Prime Minister for 2024. The fact that OP has to group everyone who voted for BJP as Bhakts shows what is wrong with so called seculars today and why people reject them everytime. As a hindu, I am a proud bhakt. Hindu religion is all about Bhakti, Mokhsa and Karma.
Is that Modi is prematurely sending us all to attain Mokhsa via his abysmal decisions every day? Any person who has truly studied and understood Hinduism or any religion or Science for that matter would realise the utter failure that this government has been proven to be. If you haven't really understood that, quoting a few fancy words won't really get you any closer to either Karma or Dharma.
I absolutely condemn LI for marking this comment as trollish. This is completely biased moderation. It is a FACT that communist countries have been failed states, while China is the world's worst abuser of human rights.
A 10-word comment posted 2 years ago was not published.
The way Modi is going, he would probably end up beating China's record soon enough.
A 21-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
A 24-word comment posted 2 years ago was not published.
I believe it is now the crucial and most important thing for Indian citizens to make a wise choice. Because it has come as such to them lately.

While, it is very important for the people to choose and find a required person.It will be also required to look for educated and experienced political leadership who is above more over religious animosity.

I think Indians have very less choices available for the position of PM but certainly there are many politicians as well as administrators who should given opportunities too, like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Baijàyanth Panda, Nitin Gadkari.
So, Pakistanophobia is a recent phenomenon? It was developed in the last 7 years? So what was taught in the schools the secular parties built all 70 years?
Last time I checked, previous CM in Andhra claimed that the opposition is walking on the roads built by him and it didn't end quite well for him. And it goes for your secular parties building schools too.
That's the minimum you expect from a party. And yeah they forgot to build toilets in those schools and also give electricity.
I think kejriwal is a good candidate but only possible in third front.
Odisha is actually a very well governed state.But the state is actually fully run by VK Pandian who is a relatively young IAS officer.He runs everything and reports only to Mr.Patnaik.He was also the reason behind the exit of Jay Panda from BJD.This has been acknowledged by Mr.Panda himself.
Why is comment 62 marked trollish? The moderation here is blatantly political biased.
Modi is the best PM India has had after AB Vajpayee. However, the problem is that his ministers are totally incompetent. It's high time Modi gets good people on board and removes the useless ones.
Some of the language used in the comment, such as "you're a piece of shit that spread negativity about coaxin", is a good giveaway that we are looking at a troll, and a lot of the assertions in the comment read like propaganda rather than fact-based discussion.
Starting with himself. Two of the biggest problems with the current regime is that they do not pay heed to any expert advice, which is why most of the experts with any backbone eventually leave their side after some time. The other issue is the way that they have systemically politicised every single institution of governance, from the EC to the judiciary to the investigating agencies, thus demolishing the reliability of the latter completely. Even previous governments were not innocent of trying to do that, but these people have succeeded in their efforts and do it completely out in the open, thus affecting public perception of those agencies directly and adversely.
Of course, the religious angle and the fake hyper nationalism are also bad things, but purely as factors of governance, the first two are the most worrying of all.
Toh phir kahin aur jaa na Maamu! Republic TV aur Swarajyamag hai na!
I am citizen of India residing in Kerala.
Please tell me what is the state of Kerala?
It is going really well and that is why they have been elected for a second term
Vote Modi if you want an end to licence raj socialism, minority vote bank politics, dynasty raj and economic decay. Vote Rahul if you want them to continue.
Economic decay is happening right under Modi. Instead of minority politics, minority killings are happening now, along with that of anybody else speaking up. Scientific decay too, with most of the leaders lacking in education and believing in cow urine having cute for corona.
Vote for Modi if you want all of these to worsen. We are already behind Bangladesh for the first time since independence, but of course you would think that is all Nehru's fault. And if you want your tax money to be used for building temples and luxurious offices for ministers instead of for hospitals, schools, and jobs.
An office in Central Vista will be so luxurious for all the IAS, IFS (foreign service) and IPS officers and even grander for the political executive. Each cabin will be larger than even the current cabins in South and North Block.
And built on the remains of the dead bodies currently burning in their pyres or floating on the Ganges.
Well, after Modi the dream for the RSS in India is installing Yogi as PM.That will be the ultimate ideological victory for the RSS.
Ok then, tell Modiji to end the legal protectionism to the Lala shops and allow foreign law firms to enter Indian market.If he can welcome "Doland" with such applause,then how can he not embrace law firms for friend Dolands country.
Clearly you are not aware of Pinarayi Vijayan . I'm not a supporter of any political parties . Every parties have their ups and downs . But Pinarayi Vijayan is one of the best CM that Kerala has ever witnessed .
I do not understand why other people are degrading Kerala Govenment and its CM .
As a keralite , I am experiencing the best and the most abled Government .
A 6-word comment posted 2 years ago was not published.
Wow. Slow clap. Expect better moderation from Legally India, maybe somebody with knowledge of hindi slang. If you don't know the meaning of a word, Google it for moderation.
Everyone commenting here should definitely buy and read the new Amazon bestseller book, Masterstroke: 420 Secrets that helped PM in India's Employment Growth! It's a highly accurate insight into the wonderful work that have been done by Modiji in his selfless journey for the benefit of all of us. Don't miss this chance!
Delhi channels i would not rely on in any case...They live in their own make believe world (Not just predicting West Bengal election results but even otherwise)
Imagine despite having disproportionate number of PMs from UP, state of development in UP is so laughable.
The problem with your choices is that they are all regional leaders and at national level they won’t get support to become PM. Let’s be realistic. United Third Front is not happening and congress supporting a Naveen Patnaik to be PM just doesn’t make sense. So if not BJP it has to congress. Question is does congress have or project a leader other than RaGa.
And Modi wasn't a regional leader before media hyped him? Gujarat CM from 2001 till 2014 toh mere tauji the na?
But Naveen Patnaik may not agree to lead the opposition( if congress is included). If he does so forget about central government, his party will loose in his own state Odisha. People are not going to like congress so soon(2024).

In 2029 (if the bjp govt. continues its blunders after winning 2024), congress may project the likes of Shashi Tharoor (no Rahul Gandhi) or Priyanka, then there is some chance.
infrastructure bhi tere tauji ne hi banaya hoga na , aur ease of doing busineed bhi tere tauji ne laake dia he kyu?
Increase in poverty level, falling education standards, rising inequality, yeh sab me bhi Tauji ka haath yha kya?
A 13-word comment posted 2 years ago was not published.
Ignoring the change in goal posts for a while. Bhagel and Amarinder singh are not from a national party? Also, please FYI -
Or an anti-national party, the way things are going now.
Prove your point...what abysmal decision that he took resulted in your premature death? Or did it?
When you say "secular minded" people are you referring to to minority appeasing, corrupt and dynastic?
Yogi Adityanath was a 5 time M.P before nominated as a C.M. Are you saying he did not campaign at all in the UP election? He delivered 50 plus MPs in spite of Mahafraudbandhan...I think he will be as good a candidate as a Rajiv Gandhi or Indira
Hello Sriv sweetie.

5 time MP makes it sound like 25 years. No doubt he won 5 LS elections and he was in the seat for 19 years. Fair enough. He can win
a LS seat. But what you forget (or may be omit) is that he was an MP from Gorakhpur. And I don't need to say much about Gorakhpur, do I?

For illustration purposes: see link -

Quoting from the article "According to official figures, around 25,000 children have died since 1978 due to the two types of encephalitis. And, these are only recorded deaths. Independent figures put the toll around 50,000 as many kids die without reaching hospital."

1978 to 2017 - 25k children died as per official records. That's a period of 39 years, out of which Yogi Adityanath was an MP for 19 years. His predecessor (also predecessor Mahant from the Goraknath mandir) was MP for Gorakhpur for a further 8-9 years (of these 39 years) and was a BJP/ Hindu mahasabha MP.

What does the above say about Yogi's administrative capabilities as an MP? Sure he can win a seat, but can be a good PM when his record as an MP was shocking. No.

Also, to your point, of him delivering 50+ seats, the elections were won on Supreme Leader's name. Weren't they? "Fir ek baar, modi sarkar"? Surely you're not letting Yogi steal Supreme Leader's credit?
Sometimes I honestly wonder whether those singing paeans of Ajay Bisht even knows the ground reality in UP for the last few years. If his tenure as a CM is dubbed successful by some, the latter cannot just be reasoned with.
No, simply those who aren't interested in genocides.
Considering the abysmal performance of Yogi in the Pandamic and the fact that in 2017 he was not the CM face, as BJP knew that his face as CM will not attract the mass vote BJP got, it is unlikely that he will be winning 2022. More likely or not, it would be Akhilesh Yadav or if BJP manages to attain a majority, which anyway will be slimmer and hence would require a bigger consensus builder as its leader, it won't be Yogi Adityanath as CM. Maybe you can see a wildcard entry of AK Sharma. There is a buzz of him getting a Deputy CM or cabinet role in the expected reshuffle. If that being the case and the anti incumbency against Yogi continues to rise, BJP might project him as the CM candidate.
The Hindu Vahini does not, ideologically, see an eye to eye with RSS on various issues. Yogi and his Hindu Vahini do provide a credible threat to RSS. If his popularity amidst the Hindu right-wing voter continues to rise, even then, he cannot be a PM candidate. Unlike Modi, who had the image of Economy Builder and Development Man, that made the Hindu Right Liberals vote for him instead of anyone else, Yogi cannot pull a single vote outside of the Hindu Right. In the cases of extreme polarisation too, a community does not fall for en-bloc voting with more than 55 percent. be it Hindu or Muslim. Hence, the maximum number of votes, Yogi can pull on his own, is 55 percent of Hindu Votes. That is his limit. Not an inch further he can go and considering the demographics, it will not be enough for him to secure the CM post leave aside the PM post
The same has been said earlier for Late Pyari Mohapatra. It was said that he is the Super CM and Naveen Babu won't be able to run the state without him. Cut to present, he did it without him for 10 years. The lesson from it is plain and simple. Naveen Patnaik does allow the IAS and OAS officers to run the State but at his mercy. The IAS Officer and OAS Officers are merely operating but the ultimate director is always Naveen Patnaik. The moment he finds the concerned person a threat, he is cut loose and someone else is given the task and the story goes on.
Modi has shown his true colours went to Bengal when country needed him elsewhere. People who have lost loved ones and who hasn't will never forgive him. Come 2024 to feel the pulse of the nation.
You are out of your mind if you think it is not the dream of the RSS to project Yogi as PM. In fact, the current no 2 in the RSS Hosabale and Yogi are close. There has been a concerted effort by the Sangh parivar to project Yogi. Even in the Bombay airport, Yogi has so many hoardings. Outside UP, there has so many advertisements projecting Yogi. Moreover, he is the only BJP leader apart from Nadda, Shah and Modi who campaigns everywhere throughout the length and breadth in every state from Himachal Pradesh to Kerala. You have to be blind to not see the obvious. If BJP wins, Yogi will be PM. For Yogi to be defeated , BJP has to lose. Yogi becoming PM is the ultimate ideological victory over Nehru's idea of India. It is a long cherished dream for the RSS and the BJP to project a hard core unabashed follower of Hindutva.
A 5-word comment posted 2 years ago was not published.
FRAUD MODI I pray GOD about end of Narendra Modi led Govt . Please public of india you vote to any Party other than Bharatiya Janadroha party (BJP)
Modii has failed to controll covid pandamic and he was simply visiting others countries and giving budget to which ruling bjp party states
India is the country where people will debate long days and months before elections and eventually vote for Modi at the time of the elections
Nothing left to debate about it. He is [...] People who are still voting for him are so too, either openly or inside their cocoon.
Then perhaps you are mistaken. The Hindu Right adores Yogi but at the same time, the liberal right and everything left of centre despise him. Yogi being used as a Party Star Campaigner means nothing by the time he is not able to secure his position in his home state. Believe it or not, but Yogi's position inside UP BJP itself is shakey considering the caste complexity and the might of other regional leaders within BJP. The simple reason why he wasn't projected as a CM candidate in 2017 was his rift with other leaders and the displeasure he brings to non - Hindu Right voters.
The reason behind him being given the CM seat was twofold: A. He has a big dominance in Ghaghra Region i.e. Gorakhpur Area (From Maharajganj to Basti) B. If he delivers on the Efficient administrator plank then he would do in future what Modi did.
Unfortunately, he has failed on the administration plank. That's why he is now having to visit District by District to save his face. Mind You, no other leader, in any State, is doing this. So Project Yogi has failed for BJP and being an astute political party, BJP is not going to be blind and will take this into the account as they need Non - Hindu Right vote and if they continue to only project Yogi, they will definitely lose UP. So, in future, you will see Yogi's image getting milder provided he is able to deliver on the Administration plank. Cause if he is able to do that then the Non - Hindu Right vote is attracted and BJP gets the upper hand. And as I said, a Hindu Right vote is merely a maximum of 55 per cent of total hindu vote.
A 21-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
A 14-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
All the comment in support of BJP, is automatically turned down. Biased website
A 15-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
Yes, biased website. Bad Kian. Please stay away from here now that you have realised the truth?
Does that mean you would stay away from here too in future? Please do.
A 9-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
Despite disastrous management of the economy and even more disastrous handling of Covid, where it was crystal clear that for Modi BJP becomes ordinary citizens, Modi continues to enjoy huge support of middle classes. There are three reasons for it: 1. Apathy of middle classes to the plight of poor, 2. Successful fear mongering about minorities, including aggressive Hindutva agenda and most important of all 3. Utter failure of congress ro replace Pappu.
The fact that your comment is moderated as ‘Interesting’ tells something fishy about legally India. Even a teen with sane mind knows that Advani’s income is because the increase in his share values. But Li thanks it’s INTERESTING?
FYI, comments get automatically marked as 'interesting', 'top rated', 'controversial', etc by the system once they clear a certain threshold of upvotes / downvotes...
Of course. And Adani's share values' upward climb definitely owes the secret of its energy to Boost. Cheers to your view of the world, o SaneTeen-Mental.
Not a RW, however, the fact that your hate for Modi would make you vote for anyone else is enough demonstration of your political knowledge.
The party in power is doing everything that you accused the opposition of, lol! But you've got the blinker of bhakti on your eyes, so it is useless to expect you to acknowledge that.
1. You don't get to decide who's an illegal immigrant after having gone begging to those same people for votes before election.
2. It is under this government that the security of this country has been compromised beyond doubt and relationship with all the neighbours soured. Chinese are still occupying our territory and left the Supreme Leader mewling every time he's asked to speak on that.
3. This party has been the prime demonstrator of khao aur mat khane do. Inequality is rising, along with loss of jobs and inflation. Adanis are getting richer, central vistas and statues are getting built, while farmers and migrant workers are dying, and taxes are at all time high.
4. This party has been in power for over a decade since independence, something which you conveniently ignore. What infra have they invested in other than statues, temples, and their own offices? Whatever infra worth speaking that this country has at present, has been created by others only.
Actually, that's how it works. If the party in power practices policies that are disgusting, then you should vote for other parties.
Do not pay heed to anything from anyone who starts his or her sentence with "Not a RW, but..". 9 out 10 instances, it will be time well saved.
Bro I am delhite and will never vote for kejriwal , no development work what so ever no new school or hospitals not did he worked on any kind of road infrastructure , just advertising him self

And I guess when u r claiming to be of open mind u should not over look tremendous work of bjp all across india no corruption charges no incompetence of any kind
'Bro', in order to find development, you need to venture out of your South Delhi bungalow every once in a while. The public schools in Delhi have been transformed in the past 4 years. I know people who actually study there. And despite all the efforts by MoShah to hijack the Delhi government. As for your paeans of BJP, please categorise what all-India development you are talking about. Including expenses on infra. Plenty of corruption charges are there, ranging from Rafale to the PM Cares fund, but with the government in power having turned all the agencies into its puppets, who is going to investigate it exactly? You? Vote for BJP if you want to, nobody can stop you from doing that. But please spare us the charade that you are doing it from 'development' or the 'economy'.
A 12-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
if she become the pm then she destroy india and made another Pakistan
Modi already making she made west Bengal safest state
A 78-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
Parnaam, pradhan mantri mahoday! Sab kushal mangal?
None from your list. It will be NaMO again. He is the only one with a vision for a strong and united India.
Which genocide? Like the one we saw during anti Sikh riots? Or the one being promised by Owasis, who said 10Cr peacefulls will take care of 100cr if law enforcers stand aside for a moment? And none of the [...] condemned this?
Yes, we can totally see how united the country is under his rule. Your vision is a myopic one.
It is both sad and amusing how you will readily condemn things in the past, and hypothetical possibilities in the future, while turning a blind eye to the present. Me, I have got a problem with all of those. You clearly prefer one sort of genocide over others.
A good pm of India would be the own who reaches to each and every person of India by his work making India an affordable place to live the per capta income should good enough to satisfy his family needs and there should be study growth in the economy & more hospital school college should be built and that should be equal to private sector more jobs should be created & also manage population and pollution... And inflation should be controlled
A 479-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
China is definitely not following a communist model anymore. It is purely capitalistic under an authoritarian government. Communism kept in check by democratic laws could work. However, I feel communism is too against industry. Definitely better than Modi though.
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A 18-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
A 33-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.
A 22-word comment posted 1 year ago was not published.