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I got rank more than 2k in clat pg despite working very hard...... (that's another story)
I have taken admission in christ as I had cleared their entrance but now the confusion is to choose between Jindal or Christ Banglore for the LLM program, plz genuinely advise which one is better or should I wait for the 2023 Clat which is in December?

Pls genuine advise only.
I want to slap your face so hard bro right now, hos can you be so nalla in 4th 5th year yo?
Go to Christ or Nirma. I would say, Christ, Nirma alumni's are doing great and one of the best in terms of hard work and rising from nothing when compared to NLUs. However, the recent administration is not that good. Chris is lesser evil maybe?

I would recommend that you join one law school and then attempt CLAT again. No regrets.
While specifying cutoffs please distinguish between merit and quota seats as the cutoffs are very different. Also, within quotas there are different types of seats: SC, ST, NRI, domicile etc.
What exam did you give bro? The exam was for 150 marks. Btw, I'm getting 65+, what do I do? Should I go for whatever NLU I get (assuming I do), or do I go for Christ/Nirma?
CLAT was damn easy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. All the coaching centres calling GK easy were totally right and a 50/50 score was 10000% doable.

I was thinking more like 200 for NLS. 180 you'll only get GNLU.
Bruh, the exam was for 150 marks. You gotta score more than 180 to get into NLS. Tough luck.
Gave the CLAT today and honestly it was pretty easy. I think a 180 should land NLS. Below 130/120 don't think there is much hope